Kim Petras and Nicki Minaj Release Summer Hit “Alone”

“Unholy” superstar Kim Petras enlists Queen of Rap, Nicki Minaj, to release the song of the summer, “Alone.” The single initially garnered insane buzz for its sample of Alice Deejay’s 1998 euro-dance staple, “Better Off Alone.” However, as more snippets released, the public was unreceptive to the trap-infused verses who expected a reinvented dance classic.

“Alone” by Kim Petras featuring Nicki Minaj

There was many hints about Nicki’s involvement in “Alone,” prior to the announcement, through Twitter and Instagram engagements. Amidst these rumors, Petras tweeted Minaj’s nickname unite the two fanbases.

“Alone” accelerates Petras’s signature synth-pop and electro-pop chorus, a sound “Starships” Nicki skates across. But, the verses add the needed dimension, a down-tempo trap beat where Petras and Minaj talk plenty of sex, desire, and independence.

The Woo-ah sensation and Queen of Rap are already taking Apple Music and Spotify playlists, easily surpassing three million streams since Friday’s release.

It doesn’t feel real still. Her singing, ‘It’s Barbie and it’s Kim Petras,’ I cried, I was on the floor and then she calls me Kim Petty in it, which all my friends are like, ‘How do we not come up with that our entire lives?'”

Kim Petras tells Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1

Minaj calls Petras “Kim Petty” during her verse, a innocent and vicious ego booster. Upon the Bunheadz’s (Kim Petras’s fanbase) investigation, the name is trademarked by the rising pop star for “audio and video recording…”. Will more be unveiled in Kim Petras’s and Nicki Minaj’s “Alone” music video releasing this week?

Get To Know Kim Petras’s Music

Check Petras’s catalog. The 30-year-old utilizes a mixture of pop R&B and trap on debut project, Clarity. But her Era 1 singles are everyone’s bubblegum fantasy. From the Like A Virgin-inspired debut single, “I Don’t Want It At All” starring Paris Hilton, Petras already had a pop culture phenomenon in her corner.

There are also her Halloween staples, TURN OFF THE LIGHT VOL. 1 & 2. If you’re looking for the dark side of euro-dance sprinkled with Berlin industrial techno, this is the holy grail. Talk about a new-age Thriller, each TOTL instalment holds a mixture of heart-pumping DJ mixes and death-defying singles, with “Close Your Eyes” being at the forefront.

Last year, Petras’s Valentine’s gift to fans was the sex-positive EP, Slut Pop. Some of Petras’s friends are a part of the sex-worker industry and the EP pushes through prejudices to embrace their sexuality and live authentically. Throughout the seven-track EP, the star is promiscuous as ever, strutting across clubby circuits. In many ways, the desires throughout Slut Pop are a celebration of self-love.

Let’s not her recent push of singles, all for her still-unannounced first studio album. “If Jesus Was A Rockstar” is a Max Martin production of everything pop used to be. Sure, the single is mellow for Petras, but there’s a Teenage Dream flare current chart-toppers are lacking nowadays. “Brrr” is more of Petras’s stomping grounds, an older sister to sleeper hit “Icy.”

What do you think of Kim Petras and Nicki Minaj’s new collaboration, “Alone”? Let us know in the comments!

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