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Khalid Learns “The Hard Way” With PNAU

One of R&B’s most distinguished vocalists Khalid, released a new collaboration “The Hard Way” with electronic dance duo PNAU. The platinum-certified star showcased the single “We Go Down Together” with Dove Cameron last month. An album release date remains unspecified but Khalid Robinson definitely keeps his fans on their toes. Especially with “the hard way” featuring PNAU, a group with an ARIA award and a number one album in the UK under their belt. 


The Australian duo PNAU is widely recognized for their remix of Elton John’s “Cold Heart.” Their UK #1 album Good Morning To The Night, transforms nine hits from John’s music catalog. PNAU arrived on the scene in the 90’s with a diverse sound integrating house, funk, pop, jungle and rave. 

On “The Hard Way” the electronic duo provides elements of ‘80s synth pop with entrancing melodies and modernistic production. Khalid describes the track perfectly stating:

“It’s just awesome, it’s feel-good but then the lyrics have that melancholy, bittersweet thing about them,” adds Khalid. “It’s that juxtaposition, that the lyrics are heartbreakingly sad but if you listen to the song you can’t help but smile. Those are my favourite songs, the ones that contradict. Just waiting for the world to hear it, they’re going to attach to it and just love it.”

Khalid Relives A Breakup In “The Hard Way” 

One of R&B’s most distinguished vocalists, Khalid, released a new collaboration “the hard way” with Australian electronic dance duo PNAU.
Khalid And PNAU. @thegreatkhalid Via Twitter.

The contemporary pop collaboration sees Khalid feeling regretful about a past relationship due to his deep craving for a picturesque love. “Maybe if we’d have come to some agreement / A conversation, deeper meaning / But now it’s like you’re leaving me for dead / We’re finally out of time,” Khalid sings. His former partner leaves him with a sense of abandonment. The one-sided breakup is described as a vulnerable Khalid pleading for the relationship. Whereas, his ex ultimately accepted their inevitable fate. The chorus reads, “When you said / Both of us just have to learn the hard way / I sit here for hours, begging you to stay / Since you’re leaving me, I’ll never bе the same.” 

Khalid has interchanging thoughts regarding the relationship. He questions if they can truly overcome their hurdles. But eventually, Khalid reaches a consensus. “Wish we could change our path and make it through / Don’t know if we could ever change / We’ll never change (Oh-oh, oh-oh-oh).”

“The Hard Way” expresses the universal desire for unconditional love. Khalid is searching for the kind of love in romantic comedies. “I know I can’t be the only one / Out here searching for the only one / Someone to wipe away the stain / Under the rain.” His craving for partnership compels him to circle back to ex lovers. He ponders if repairing a past relationship could potentially lead him to the type of romance he longs for. 

Above all, the collaborators bring out the best in each other while provoking strong emotion with an upbeat vibration. Khalid takes a stab at the recent ’80s music trends resurfacing in 2020 with The Weeknd’s After Hours and Dua Lipa’s Future Nostalgia. How do you think he did?

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