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Khalid Shares Futuristic Visuals For “Satellite”

Khalid releases new single "Satellite"

Recently R&B/Pop artist Khalid granted us with the uptempo synth-pop tune “Satellite.” The pop banger stays true to Khalid’s roots with hints of R&B. “Satellite” showcases Khalid’s soothing head voice with romantic lyrics, while being fun and danceable. 

Meaning Behind “Satellite” 

His mind is clouded by this person. Though the distance keeps them apart, Khalid feels a gravitational pull from this person. “You’re like a satellite, crossin’ through my mind/It always leads me straight, straight, straight to you” This person sends him signals to his heart that make his love grow. The signals allow for communication between Khalid and his lover, and keep Khalid fixated on them. 

Khalid’s love interest is experiencing hardships and has to leave soon. Khalid ponders about this person as he watches the night sky. “Shootin’ star, /I watch you drift away into the dark/Sometimes I sit and wonder where you are.” It is clear the “Location” singer cares deeply for this person and wishes them well whether they are together or not. 

Music Video 

Furthermore, the music video for “Satellite” allows Khalid’s artistry and lyricism to come to life. The futuristic visuals, choreography, and outfits are fun and fresh. The video begins with Khalid sitting beside a circular window staring at the night sky full of stars. Then, Khalid and his dancers perform choreography in the middle of an empty room with vibrant lights changing colors. In another set, Khalid is sitting on a rock observing the meteor showers in the sky. Next, a blue satellite emerges and shoots across the night sky. This satellite magnetizes Khalid, levitating him off the ground. The music video concludes with a collision between the satellite and something in the sky which explodes into the atmosphere. The new single and music video from Khalid proves that years into his career he is still inspired and full of creative artistic visions. 

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