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Anne-Marie & MINNIE Don’t Need Your “Expectations”

Anne-Marie and MINNIE have collaborated on the long-awaited song, “Expectations,” which will be on Anne-Marie’s upcoming album.

The Artists’ Collaboration

British pop singer Anne-Marie and Kpop group (G)I-DLE’s MINNIE have just released their long-awaited collaboration. The song has been released under Warner Music Korea. “Expectations” is everything fans have wanted and more. With a strong message and classic pop ballad sound, the song marks a milestone in both of their careers.

In an interview with Rolling Stone India, Anne-Marie divulged how the collaboration came to be. She talks about how her fanbase in Korea has always been strong. She also talks about how she has always been a fan of (G)I-DLE. When she was last there, she was able to connect with MINNIE and discuss the possibility of a collaboration.

Check out her full interview below.

Anne-Marie & MINNIE’s “Expectations”

“Expectations” is made of both attitude and a resigned sadness. Anne-Marie and MINNIE sing about how they don’t want to live up to the expectations of others. The chorus really sums up what they’re trying to say.

I don’t need your expectations
Made the bricks to pave my way
F*ck that Grammy nomination
Happiness cannot be bought
One summer day
We just might meet up again
Hey, look at you sitting here
All on your own
Lost in your expectations
I can’t help you with that

While some of the lyrics suggest they refer to the expectations of someone they used to love, other lyrics imply another meaning. The artists reference Grammy nominations and how they don’t want to try to fit into the mold expected from Grammy-nominated artists. They also each callback to a song in their respective discographies that was, debatably, not their best song. MINNIE references (G)I-DLE’s “덤디덤디 (DUMDi DUMDi)” and Anne-Marie references her song “Karate.”

These references seem to imply that the expectations Anne-Marie and MINNIE don’t want to pay attention to are the expectations of the music industry.

Surprisingly, their unique vocals blend well together. Both artists are at home in the pop genre with their respective vocal ranges.

Check out both the official music video and the official lyric video below!

Stay tuned for Anne-Marie’s upcoming album!

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