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Miley Cyrus Reminisces On Her “Endless Summer Vacation”

Cover of Miley Cyrus' album, Endless Summer Vacation

I know you’ve heard Miley Cyrus’ ‘Flowers‘. It’s inevitable. If you’re on social media, or have turned the radio on in the last few weeks, then there’s a great chance you listened to the breakup anthem- at LEAST once. The catchy single was just the beginning of what Miley Cyrus would later release in her new album, ‘Endless Summer Vacation’. After going through a brutal breakup with Liam Hemsworth back in 2020, she has not held back in how the marriage has effected her. She tells us all about it in ‘Endless Summer Vacation‘.

Unpacking ‘Endless Summer Vacation’

Cyrus kicks off her ‘Endless Summer Vacation’ by reclaiming her independence in “Flowers” before moving on to the gritty and raw, “Jaded.” This is where she acknowledges the lasting trauma from her divorce. We move on to the optimistic “Rose Colored Lenses,” where Cyrus daydreams about freezing a good moment and living in it forever. She repeats the line “Let’s stay like this forever,” deducing the blissful moments in her relationship as her personal endless summer vacation. However, the ignorant bliss does not last for long. A woman of many genres, Miley brings back her country roots in songs “Thousand Miles.” She ditches the relationship talk and dedicates the song to her sister, Noah Cyrus. “It’s about happiness and sisterhood,” Cyrus says. She knows her life is filled with love, regardless of romantic status.

Miley paints a picture of lonely bar nights in “You.” In the ballad, she makes it clear that she knows what she wants, both in herself, and in her relationships. “You” is the counterpart to “Flowers” in that she acknowledges she is independent and can buy herself flowers, but some things are simply better with that special someone by your side. In a shocking psychedelic, synthy twist, “Handstand” is a questionable track that wraps up the album’s first half in a uniquely Miley Cyrus manner. It’s definitely the odd one out in ‘Endless Summer Vacation,’ but hey, it’s Miley Cyrus we’re talking about.

The second half of ‘Endless Summer Vacation’ flips a switch. “River” and “Violet Chemistry” are the pop-synth songs that Miley has come to be known for. Both embody summer flings and late night dancing; they mark the beginning of the more “mainstream” part of the album. Next up is “Muddy Feet.” In collaboration with Sia, Cyrus returns to her vengeful state. The track elevates with Sia’s back vocals, creating one of my favorite tracks on the record.

Miley Cyrus Is A Wonder Woman

Photo of Miley Cyrus

In the final tracks of the album, Cyrus approaches her resolution. “Wildcard” depicts her finally coming to terms with the brutal reality of her relationship. In “Island,” Cyrus explores the question: “Is my life a paradise or is it a lonely island?” And finally, in the last (unique) track, “Wonder Woman,” Miley Cyrus gratefully looks back at the women in her life. Lastly, she includes the demo version of “Flowers,” which she had released before the album.

Overall, ‘Endless Summer Vacation’ may not be the album that the media wanted. But it’s what Miley Cyrus needed. And who are we to react with anything less than applause for a woman who has finally found herself over again?

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