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“Girl Like Me”: Dove Cameron Takes Control

Singer-songwriter and actress Dove Cameron released her new single “Girls Like Me,” following on October’s “Bad Idea.”

This Year Saw Dove Grow A Lot As An Artist

Dove has grown a lot this year. Not only did she let us know that her days as a “good pop girl” were over, but she has stood by those words. In every song that she has released this year, she has shown us a different side of herself. We’re loving every single one of them.

“Girl Like Me” arrives as the fourth single that Dove has shared this year, and will probably be the last one before the year ends. But let’s go back in time to remember the good music she gave us. In February, she kicked off her new era with the fearless “Boyfriend,” which took off over radio stations all over the country. Then, in June, she shared “Breakfast,” another killer track that she accompanied by a strong music video addressing Roe vs. Wade. In October, “Bad Idea” was ours, showing that besides being a great singer, she is also reckless. 

“Girl Like Me” Takes Inspiration From Edwyn Collins’ Classic Hit

In “Girl Like Me,” Dove tells a man that she is unique, and he’ll never meet anyone like her again. She also tells him that she can  be the one to lead a dance on a night out. And she can take control of situations. Nothing makes you smaller, than being a big man / You’ll be my revolver, I got you in my hands / Almost looking taller when I’m leading in the dance / Uh oh, have you never let a woman do that?” she sings.

“Girl Like Me,” believe it or not, actually takes inspiration from Edwyn Collins’ classic song “Girl Like You.” Obviously, Dove decided to give it her own twist. Dove states,

“I grew up listening to the original by Edwyn Collins and it’s been one of my favorite songs since as long as I can remember…I wanted to cover it for ages. Then one day, we had the idea to gender flip it, or rather, write an empowering response to the original- with a slightly more synth-y club future-leaning point of view. This song is what I would want playing behind me in a slow-motion fight scene in the action film of my dreams.”

We can’t wait to see what next year brings for Dove and her music! 

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