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Kehlani and Justin Bieber Team Up for “Up At Night”

Kehlani and Justin Bieber recently dropped “Up At Night,” a sultry, addictive track with stellar vocals. This is the pair’s first collaboration since “Get Me,” which was part of Bieber’s Changes album.

“Up At Night” is Infectiously Fun

“Up At Night” is infectiously fun. Kehlani’s first verse is complimented by an exhilarating r&b beat. Their vocals are smooth and irresistible, perfectly leading to Justin Bieber‘s verse. Justin sings effortlessly of infatuation and yearning. Bieber and Kehlani’s voices complement each other perfectly, making for a wonderful summer track.

A Healthily Obsessed Song

Kehlani released a statement regarding “Up At Night.” They write, “It’s about having a healthily obsessed relationship. You’re telling someone, ‘I love you so much it keeps me awake at night’. I love what Justin did, and it’s such a fun one to dance to.” With lyrics such as “Baby I’m a wreck without you / All I do is fantasize about you,” the pair definitely express a healthy obsession. The song is flirty, fun and makes for a great dance track.

Kehlani’s Upcoming Album

“Up At Night” will appear on Kehlani’s forthcoming album, Blue Water Road, which will be released on April 29th. The r&b giant previously released two other singles from the album, titled “Altar” and “Little Story.” If these three tracks are any indication of what’s to come, Blue Water Road will be another triumph from Kehlani.

Justin Bieber and Kehlani are Busy

Both Kehlani and Justin Bieber have been busy as of late. Justin has been performing on “The Justice World Tour,” which was originally set to have Kehlani as an opener. Due to pandemic delays and timing, Kehlani was no longer able to perform at Justin’s shows. In the meantime, they have been busy promoting Blue Water Road and performing in South America. In an Instagram post, they write, “I am reimagining what it means to be human, for myself. What it means to be an artist, what it means to exist in the light… I’m glad you’ve been enjoying the music, the album is from a time just before this one… BWR is my best so far.”

Are you excited for Kehlani’s new album? Tell us below!

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