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Justin Bieber and Omah Lay Drop “Attention”

Popstar Justin Bieber and Afrobeats prodigy Omah Lay teamed up for “Attention,” which dropped March 4th. The vibrant dance track features stellar vocals from both artists, as well as some lively lyrics.

The Making of “Attention”

Omah Lay, 24-year-old Nigerian singer-songwriter, recounts the making of “Attention” to Billboard. He says, “As soon as I heard the beat, the lyrics were already in my head. We didn’t even spend 30 minutes making the song. Harv called him and I FaceTimed Justin Bieber for the first time in my life. Later on, Harv got to play the song for him, and … before I knew it, he sent in his verse and the song was good just like that.”

Two-Time Collaborators

Justin Bieber has collaborated with Omah Lay before on the “Peaches (Masterkraft Remix).” The intoxicatingly catchy original single peaked at #1 on the Billboard charts, but Justin didn’t leave it alone. He created a number of remixes, the Masterkraft remix giving more of an Afrofusion sound. Omah Lay has garnered much attention over the last year with the release of singles like “Free My Mind” and “Understand.”

Justin Bieber and Omah Lay Catch a Vibe

The “Attention” music video is just as attention-grabbing as the track. Complete with neon lights and outfits, a bonfire party and camera time for both Justin Bieber and Omah Lay, the video is worth a watch. Omah Lay discusses the pair’s compatibility during the video shoot, saying “One thing I loved about working with Justin Bieber was how easy it was. I didn’t even expect it to be that simple.” The two artists catch a summer vibe all through the 3 minute long visual, and in perfect time now that spring approaches.

We have a feeling that “Attention” will be the perfect addition to any spring or summer playlist. Check back to Music Daily for more updates on your favorite artists… and to discover ones you haven’t heard yet!

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