December 08, 2022

Kehlani Meets At The Alter For New Single and Album Ahead


This past week R&B singer-songwriter Kehlani released a new single along with some great news about her next project. “Alter” is the most recent single from the Oakland native that hits a soft spot for a loved one. Over a 80’s inspired beat Kehlani brings out those great vocals to deliver us a heart warming message.

Kehlani for Atlantic Records Press

Kehlani describes what she does to get closer to someone she loves who has passed. They are no longer there physically, but there presence is very much felt. So, Kehlani being the spiritual person she is lights a candle, places a picture at the alter and a meal in front of it.

When she does this, she feels that presence of her loved one watching over her get closer and closer. The message of the song mixed with the layers of Kehlani’s vocals make for a great song. The visuals aren’t too bad either as she puts together some choreography for the music video.

Kehlani’s New Album

And even though this is the first single we have heard from just Kehlani herself, she has been working on something she is ready to announce. After being featured on songs this year with T-Pain, Amorphous, and a few more Kehlani also recently announced her album. Blue Water Road is the follow up to their 2020 sophomore album It Was Good Until It Wasn’t and will release this winter.

The GRAMMY® Award-nominated multiplatinum songstress put out a trailer for the album that has stunning visuals leaving us with so many questions. All we know for sure is that her new track is amazing. The growth in her artistry with every era is inspiring and  we should be in for some great R&B later this year.

As for tours and performances, there has not been any information on Kehlani yet, but be sure to check on our OnStage tab for all the updates on live shows. In the meantime watch the music video to “Alter”.



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