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Jenna Doe Wants You To “Get Well Soon” With New Song

Jenna Doe released her newest single, “Get Well Soon,” and it’s both fun and empowering.

“Get Well Soon”

Jenna doe

TikToker Jenna Doe has dropped another single. This one—“Get Well Soon”—is her fourth single that she’s released herself. “Get Well Soon” is about someone who is so in love with and in awe of you. You need to remind them that, though you like the attention, they shouldn’t spend all their time obsessing over you. The song is meant to be a confidence-booster.

In the comments section of the official audio on YouTube, Doe says, “I hope you listen to this song and feel that bold and confident version of yourself that can exist within anyone.” Subtle guitars and drums open the song, and as it progresses, the song erupts into a full band. The instrumentals are both reminiscent of 2000s alternative bands and aware of the musical trends of today.

Listen to the song below!

The Beginning of Jenna Doe

Jenna Doe is a TikToker for pop and indie music fans. With 92.4K followers, Doe uses her TikToks to relate to other music fans and to promote her own music. Though she has four official singles on Spotify, the artist does have older songs on her SoundCloud and YouTube.

Though “Get Well Soon” is a song meant to embolden listeners, usually, Doe’s songs are about heartbreak or unrequited love. “Diary Entry” sees her in love with someone who’s already in a relationship. “Shapeshift” paints the (slightly bloody) picture of her wishing she could turn into the person who’s exactly her crush’s type.

We’re still in the beginning chapters of Jenna Doe. Therefore, music lovers can be sure they won’t stop hearing from her anytime soon.

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