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BTS Gives ARMY A #MyBTStory Tribute Video

BTS has created a #MyBTStory tribute video for ARMY.

#MyBTStory & Its Tribute Video

#MyBTStory was a YouTube challenge for ARMY to share their favorite memories with BTS. Beginning on June 10th, the challenge lasted until July 9th.

BTS during shoot for Billboard Magazine

ARMYs young and old shared their stories of their favorite BTS moments. From fashion inspiration to concert experiences to learning to love themselves, ARMYs illustrated the many, many ways they have been impacted by BTS.

Three days after #MyBTStory ended, the boys released their tribute video. RM opens the video by saying, “Many moments were spent together. These were times when my story became your story.” Through voice-overs as the fans’ YouTube Shorts play, each member speaks about what seeing ARMYs’ stories meant to them.

BTS’ newest single, “Yet To Come,” plays in the background, fading out when one of the member’s shares his feelings. “Yet To Come” is from BTS’ latest anthology album, Proof. Its meaning shines through when combined with the touching moments of the tribute video.

Check out the video below!


BTS and ARMY have had one of the strongest connections artists and their fanbase can have. Over the past nine years, since the boys’ debut in 2013, ARMY and BTS have been there for each other in every way they could.

ARMY, which stands for Adorable Representative M.C. for Youth, has acted as armor and supporters of BTS. They don’t hesitate to defend their idols or call out others for racist or elitist comments towards the Kpop group. They follow in BTS’ philanthropic footsteps and raise money for various organizations and humanitarian movements.

BTS film out

ARMY may often seem overly devoted to the boy band, but only because they receive all the love they give. BTS have created several songs specifically meant for their fans. Songs like “Magic Shop,” “We Are Bulletproof: The Eternal,” “Mikrokosmos,” “Let Go,” “Answer: Love Myself,” “2! 3!” and so many more have lyrics that comfort, address, and express the boys’ love for their fans.

BTS never fail to demonstrate their appreciation for ARMY. Their #MyBTStory tribute video is only one out of the many ways they continue to show their gratitude and love.

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