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There’s More to the Grammys’ AI-Generated Music Ban

The Recording Academy announced Best African Music Performance, Best Alternative Jazz Album and Best Pop Dance Recording as new Grammys categories.

Along with newly announced award categories for the Grammys 2024, the Recording Academy is cracking down on the recent surge in AI-generated music. The controversial appearance of more developed and strategic artificial intelligence raised ethical concerns regarding inaccurate information and intellectual property laws. Its extension into music rose primarily through TikTok, with artists falsely “covering” other people’s songs, thus infringing copyright law.

The Recording Academy issued updated requirements for nomination eligibility, which spoke about A.I. usage. The statement outwardly supports human-made work and leaves crumbs for future legal precedents. “Only human creators are eligible to be submitted for consideration for, nominated for, or win a Grammy Award, read the statement. “A work that contains no human authorship is not eligible in any Categories. A work that features elements of A.I. material (i.e., material generated by the use of artificial intelligence technology) is eligible in applicable Categories.” Indeed, the Recording Academy banned fully AI-generated songs from being Grammy-eligible; however, A.I. usage in a human-made song is acceptable.

“Such human authorship component must be relevant to the Category in which such work is entered (e.g., if the work is submitted in a songwriting Category, there must be meaningful and more than de minimis human authorship in respect of the music and/or lyrics; if the work is submitted in a performance Category, there must be meaningful and more than de minimis human authorship in respect of the performance.)”

Second clause of “Eligibility Requirements Update” regarding A.I.

While the music industry’s unharmonious reactions are a no-brainer, so is Grimes’s blatant approval, which came with her own requests. “I’ll split 50% royalties on any successful AI generated song that uses my voice,” Grimes tweeted. “Feel free to use my voice without penalty. I have no label and no legal bindings.”

The remark inspired Kito’s “Cold Touch” featuring GrimesAI, which helms a mighty spot on Spotify’s ‘hyperpop’ playlist. However, the AI-generated online hit “Heart on My Sleeve,” a track credited to A.I. versions of Drake and The Weeknd, raised every music label’s eyebrow, brewing future legal and creative risks.

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