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Grimes Drops The Futuristic “Shinigami Eyes”

On January 26th, Grimes dropped “Shinigami Eyes,” the second single off her upcoming EP, “Fairies Cum First.”

Grimes Is Out of This World

Grimes is probably one of the elusive pop stars today. She is inspired by video games and told FUSE TV that ‘Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time’ is “One of the Best Games Ever.” Also, she takes to the game-streaming platform Twitch to play the fantasy roleplay game “Bloodborne.” Grimes creates her own fantastical reality through putting together a digital girl group NPC (beta version) or wearing a Dune-inspired Met Gala look.

Grimes Starts Her New Era with "Shinigami Eyes"
@Grimes: Shinigami Eyes Jan 26

Most recently, the electropop artist released “Shinigami Eyes,” the second single from her upcoming EP, “Fairies Cum First,” which will also serve as a prelude for her next studio project or “BOOK 1.” “Shinigami Eyes” is a term from the popular anime Death Note. Shinigami are Gods of Death. And, having Shinigami eyes allows a person to see how long everyone around them has left to live, at the cost of half of their own lifespan. The song, then, transforms Grimes into an all-knowing being who can alter a person’s fate.

“Shinigami Eyes” by Grimes Analysis

The music video starts with ethereal-sounding synths, unique layering, and obnoxious yet stylistic pitch correction. The artist harmonizes, “I like making friends with demons / You need special eyes to see ’em / Have you got your Shinigami eyes on?” Then, immediately, the singer-songwriter introduces an addictive techno euro-dance sound, similar to something out of the video game. She jumps into the chorus, “Are you ready to die? / Got my Shinigami eyes on / Everything is fine / Got my Shinigami eyes.” Grimes’s signature atmospheric vocals are a standout on the track. Her sound is mystical and takes the listener on a sonic adventure.

Initially, the storyline of the music video is difficult to understand. It’s a culmination of the bright, intricate backgrounds, aggressive visual transitions, and futuristic concepts. But, of course, we have Jennie from BLACKPINK’s surprise solo cameo as a happy distraction. And, we see glimpses of hyper-pop artist Dorian Electra. Upon reading a reaction video‘s comment section, it’s clear how to interpret Grimes’s video. User, Jon Bz, says, “…the concept for the music video is based on… in her words a ‘space opera’ and ‘cyberpunk swan lake’. And, the character she’s playing in the video is an all-powerful A.I. that is masquerading as the greatest pop star of all time.”

What’s Next For Grimes?

Grimes is still busy promoting this EP era, a prelude to her still-unannounced studio album. Though the success of “Player of Games” was a success rapid,  “Shinigami Eyes” is overshadowing it quickly. Right now, “Shinigami Eyes” has over five million views on YouTube. Grimes posted breath-taking behind-the-scenes on Instagram. On Twitter, she denies that the backgrounds were created during post-production. Additionally, Ryon Wu, who Grimes battles, also posted behind-the-scenes shots. We are nowhere near the beginning of “BOOK 1” yet. 

 What do you think of Grimes’s “Shinigami Eyes”? Let us know in the comments!

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