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The Weeknd feat. Madonna & Playboi Carti… Who Wants To Be ‘Popular?’

Credit: Kayla Johnson from Seattle, United States

New year, same beautiful The Weeknd. Yes, we’re not totally impartial since we’re big fans of his. Following the releases of his TV series The Idol (HBO), the Canadian record-breaker has made available the streaming of his new single “Popular” with Madonna & Playboi Carti. This is the second release after “Double Fantasy” feat. Future (4/23), and it will be followed by many others in not even a month from now. 

How Was The Weeknd’s 2023?

The Idol has been The Weekend’s biggest project of the year so far, since in 2023 – besides the world tour – he was mainly focused on his many roles (not only he plays the character Tedros, but he’s also the co-writer and producer of the show). As a cinematic production, the series received different reviews. Mostly bad, especially from those who criticized the language choices and the explicit contents of the show. 

It’s probably too soon to shoot down something that has just been released, but if I can say a thing… What did the critics exactly expect from The Weeknd? Because Able has always been a provocateur, he did it with his music and  now he’s trying to do the same thing with a new platform on which he can express himself. So who could better represent the chaos of fame more than Carti & Madonna (and Future before them)? 

Easy… no one. 

Three iconic names together on a track that talks about the desperate need to be popular at every cost in the modern industry. Perfect for the themes that the story of The Idol wants to tell. “Popular” is just a taste of something bigger that is slowly coming to life. 

We already have a date: 6/30/23. Stay on, ‘cause it’s gonna be fun.

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