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Hozier returns with EP “Eat Your Young”

On the day of his birthday and Saint Patrick’s day, Hozier returns with a new EP. Anticipation of the upcoming, long awaited full length record, Eat Your Young is the first album release since 2019.

A Full Length Album is Coming

After the release of his latest single “Swan Upon Leda” and soundtrack hit “Blood Upon The Snow,” Hozier returns with his first EP since 2019 Wasteland, Baby!, Eat Your Young.

The album was announced few weeks ago, when the artist released a statement mentioning not only the release of this EP, but also of the upcoming full-length album Unreal Unearth.

“My new EP is released on March 17th and my new album later this year. I promise.”

Eat Your Young

Anticipation of the upcoming full-length album, Unreal Unearth, Eat Your Young is the three song EP of Irish singer and songwriter Hozier.

1. Eat Your Young 
2. All Things End
3. Through Me (The Flood)

The title, pre-announced in the lyrics of the single “Blood Upon The Snow” /The parents forced to eat its young before it grows/ refers to Dante’s Inferno, and has strong religion and mythology connotations. Hozier defined Eat Your Young as “a taste of two of the nine circles.”

The EP touches on the theme of Dante’s hell that will be addressed in the album and reflects on two of the nine circles of hell: gluttony (in “Eat Your Young”) and heresy (in “All Things End”). Moreover, “Through Me (The Flood)” was written during the pandemic and reflects the theme of loss. The upcoming Unreal Unearth will unveil an interpretation of the other circles as well.

Eat Your Young official album cover

Discussing with People, talking about the influences and inspiration behind the songs, Hozier said:

“Well “Through Me (The Flood)” I wrote in the very early parts of the pandemic, where it was still scary. People didn’t know how long we would be in that lockdown period, and every week, every day, the news was reporting the death toll and it was reflecting loss quite a bit. I was also just reading some poetry at the time and some books, classic stuff that I had always wanted to read but never gave myself time to. I was dipping into Dante’s Inferno a little bit, and there’s this Roman poet called Ovid who wrote this collection called Metamorphosis, which is about change. And that idea of change was sticking with me as well as some of the language and iconography—the visuals from this story of a dude going through this long, weird journey into the underworld.”

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