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Scrolling Through Harriette’s Debut Album “I Heart the Internet”

Rising indie singer-songwriter Harriette just released her debut album, I Heart the Internet. With catchy melodies and lyrics that touch on love and goodbyes, this album highlights Harriette’s rich creativity. Let’s get into it: 

Although the album opens with the title track, “I Heart the Internet,” this upbeat anthem is not really about the internet. Rather, Harriette sings about the difference between our seemingly perfect online personas and the reality of our real selves. 

“Oh I love myself on the internet / But that’s it though.”

Harriette juxtaposes a facade of happiness on the internet through a relaxing instrumental with the complex insecurity displayed in her lyrics. This song is a perfect tone-setter for the rest of the album.

Many of the songs deal with love. “Johnny Got It Right” is a clever heartbreak song—flipping the motif of Bonnie and Clyde on its head. “Fucking Married” is a sarcastic taunt at an ex, with the wobbly guitar and crooning choir as incredible support in this track. And the despairing “Lying is Cute” is an empty-feeling track about delusions over a break-up.

Throughout the whole album, Harriette’s vocals are a standout feature, and her range and emotive delivery bring each song to life. Overall, I Heart the Internet is an excellent album that showcases why Harriette is a incredible new star in the industry.

Harriette is a Texas-born artist, now based in Brooklyn. She got her career started after the pandemic hit in early 2020 when a recording of her debut song, “at least I’m pretty,” went viral on TikTok. Since then, she has released 4 more singles, carving her own space in the indie scene. Check out Harriette’s future projects here.

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