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Foo Fighters Express Grief and Loss in Taylor Hawkins Tribute Track ‘Under You’

Credit: Mr. Rossi

Foo Fighters have turned their grief for their recently deceased drummer Taylor Hawkins into their newest single, “Under You.”

The Profound Meaning Behind “Under You”

“Under You” expresses grief and loss in the most classic Foo Fighters way. The song is very much a callback to the band’s older music. It, along with “Rescued,” has the trademark Foo Fighters sound.

“Under You” is both melodic and anarchic, as most Foo Fighters songs are. The first verse of the song mentions walking “a million miles today.” This references their 2011 song “Walk,” which starts with “A million miles away / Your signal in the distance to whom it may concern.” The first verse of “Under You” continues with “All this time it still feels just like yesterday / That I walked a million miles with you.”

Clearly, the new single explores feeling grief after losing someone and the shared memories that surface. Check out the lyric video below.

“Under You” and “Rescued” are both singles off their upcoming album But Here We Are. The album comes out June 2nd. But Here We Are will be the band’s first album since Hawkins’ death.

The album will also be the Foo Fighters’ first album as the Foo Fighters since 2021’s Medicine at Midnight. Dave Grohl, the frontman for the Foo Fighters, released fictional metal band Dream Widow’s self-titled debut album in 2022. Dream Widow was a fictionalized band from the Foo Fighters’ 2022 horror comedy film Studio 666.

Foo Fighters and Their New Drummer

With the passing of Taylor Hawkins, the Foo Fighters’ longtime drummer and friend, everyone wondered who would be taking up the legendary mantle in the band that Hawkins left behind.

The band has a history of debuting their new music on late-night television. They’ve been on SNL seven times over a span of 22 years. They were slated to perform at the show’s season finale, but the Writers Guild of America (WGA) writer’s strike halted those plans. Fans were expecting the band to reveal their newest drummer with their SNL stage.

However, fans didn’t have to worry long about the mystery. The Foo Fighters soon announced that they were hosting a free global streaming event debuting some of their new songs and behind-the-scenes footage on May 21st.

josh freese coachella
Credit: Josh with 100 Gecs at Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival, 2022

Through this video, the alt rock band revealed their new drummer—Josh Freese. Again, in typical Foo Fighters style, the livestream began with a skit. The members joke around with each other before three drummers knock on their door in succession. Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith, Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee, and Tool’s Danny Carey all knock on the Foo Fighters’ door.

They say things like “There’s a white Mercedes blocking my car,” “Hey, I got the PF Changs,” or “I groomed your poodles for you.” Then, a voice shouts, “Excuse me,” and the members and camera turn to see Josh Freese sitting behind a drumkit with a nametag on. He says, “Can we play a song or something?” and then the members launch into 2002’s “All My Life.”

The video is still free and available to watch on Veeps here.

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