December 09, 2022

ELIO Owns Her Story on “Read The Room”


Rising pop artist ELIO released her latest single “Read The Room,” arriving on the heels of “SUPERIMPOSE.”

An Unpleasant Experience Inspired “Read The Room”

ELIO is back with a new song. If she is well-known for something, it’s certainly for her genre-bending music. She doesn’t stick to one specific sound, but plays along and is never afraid to try a different concept. With the new song, she does it once again; as “Read The Room” is highly different than her prior singles “SUPERIMPOSE” and “TYPECAST.”

“Read The Room” is a dark, fiery song where ELIO tries to hint to someone that they are not welcome, and should know when it’s time to leave.  “You should read the room. Take the social cue. You should read the room. And read between the lines. And go waste someone else’s time,” she sings in the chorus.

A real-life unpleasant experience within the music industry actually inspired “Read The Room.” “As a female artist making music, going into sessions with predominantly male producers can be a real hit or miss,” ELIO says. “I’ve had so many times where I’ve walked in a room to write a song; and a producer has demeaned my writing or production skills. It’s kind of something that artists like myself have learned to expect – which is extremely unfortunate.”

She continues, “‘Read the Room’ is about one particular session with a producer who was a walking personification of main character syndrome (in all the worst ways). Sadly, this is seen in every industry and day-to-day life for a lot of women and LGBTQ+ people. We are told to be reserved, to behave, to fit into the mold of what society expects us to be – ‘Read the room’ is my way of owning that narrative.”

ELIO is Joining Charli XCX on Tour This Summer

“Read The Room” arrives alongside the news that ELIO is joining Charli XCX for the European leg of her Crash Live Tour. Starting her appearances this May and June, ELIO will take the stage in Paris, Brussels, Utrecht, Berlin, Cologne, Milan, and Madrid. You can find all dates and tickets here. 



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