ELIO Starts A New Era With “TYPECAST”

Rising artists ELIO is back with a new single. “TYPECAST” marks the beginning of a new era for the singer, who is here to stay.

ELIO is Quickly Achieving Milestones

This year has been going really well for ELIO, who just dropped her album ELIO and Friends: The Remixes, this May. In it, she showcases collaborations with globally-known artists such as Charli XCX, Chase Atlantic, and Valley. She has a cool vibe that distinguishes her, which explains why people are quickly becoming fans of her. 

Although she only started to release music on Spotify last year, she has already accumulated an incredible amount of almost 600,000 monthly listeners on the platform. For a new artist, this is a huge milestone. Not surprisingly, her song alongside Charlie XCX, “CHARGER,” already surpassed the 4 million streams.

She Grows up on “TYPECAST”

“TYPECAST” is an electropop track that talks about wanting to challenge people who judge you and being yourself in order to be free. “No, I don’t wanna write like that. I checked the vibe and you didn’t pass. So, if you’re gonna treat me like that. Then go and put me in a typecast,” she sings.

“‘Typecast’ really sets the tone for my new era,” she explains. “It’s about being put in a category of what you are, and what you can do. I feel like artists get put in a box so much, of how much they’re allowed to change and how much they should stay the same. I do it so much as a fan of other artists, but know how limiting it can feel as an artist myself. While writing the new music I just wanted to create stuff that felt right, no matter how different it was from my previous releases, but I found myself being reluctant because of how people view me as an artist, and how people have connected to the type of songs I have out. ‘Typecast’ was me having to go in a completely different direction in order to move on and grow as an artist.”

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