ELIO Manifests Her Feelings on “SUPERIMPOSE”

ELIO is back with a new single, “SUPERIMPOSE,” to keep the streak of her new era going. Just last month, she released the electrifying “TYPECAST,” marking the official start of the new era. Now, she’s ready to keep giving fans more music to enjoy.

ELIO Doesn’t Hold Back on “SUPERIMPOSE”

“SUPERIMPOSE” is a sweet yet upbeat track, in which ELIO confesses to the person she likes her feelings towards them. Being pretty straightforward, she reveals that she wants a night alone with them, and wants to go all out. I just want your body, superimpose it on me. Make me your carbon copy, feelin’ like I’m fallin’ for you. Your features, magnetic field between us. Nothin’ else makes me weaker, feelin’ like I’m dyin’ for you,” she sings in the chorus.

The melody, accompanying the lyrics of the song perfectly, is infused with her delicate vocals making this an ideal pop song. It is certainly different from “TYPECAST,” but it still fits with the raw theme of the new era. “SUPERIMPOSE is one of my favorite songs I’ve written,” ELIO says. “My last EP was generally pretty serious in its content so it was so nice to let go and just write a really fun and fluid pop song.”

She continues, “I love how the song is about having a crush on someone and wanting to be all over them, but the melodies are somewhat dark and ominous. I’ve been really focusing on vocal production on my new music, and I feel like SUPERIMPOSE is the first little taste of what’s to come, lots and lots of vocal layers!”

She Just Played Her First Shows!

Just after releasing “SUPERIMPOSE,” ELIO got the opportunity to perform live while opening for Chase Atlantic in two sold-out shows in Toronto. She announced her excitement on Instagram, saying “After 2 years of releasing music I’m FINALLY playing a show!” Hopefully, this means that she will get to perform at more shows next year! Her career is just taking over, and considering how much talent this young artist has, I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s everywhere on the radio next year.


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