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Doechii reintroduces herself with new EP she / her / black bitch


23-year-old Rapper/singer Doechii released her new EP, she / her / black bitch Friday featuring acclaimed artists Rico Nasty, Jst Ray, and SZA. The braggadocios, witty, and versatile project is Doechii’s second EP. The “Persuasive” artist released her Bra-Less EP last year after her track “Yucky Blucky Freestyle” went viral on TikTok. Doechii has been on fire in 2022 releasing inventive singles, “Persuasive,” “Crazy,” and “Bitch I’m Nice.” The rapper incorporates “Bitch I’m Nice” and “Persuasive (with SZA)” in her five track EP. In she / her / black bitch we learn about Doechii is confident, authentic and a weedlover that is not afraid to call people out. 

“Swamp Bitches”

Despite having no hook, the opening track “Swamp Bitches (with Rico Nasty)” is a hit. 

Rico Nasty and Doechii deliver clever bars and rhyme schemes over a trap beat. The track features dynamite production opening with an intoxicating guitar loop. Doechii seamlessly switches her flow and tone of voice as the beat drops. She maintains an aggressive delivery throughout with killer punchlines. 

“Call her Miss Johnson, real John Cena

Anything to squeeze her, please her, she a real diva

She don’t like men, me neither

Shawty wanna treat her, eat her, rockstar Beatles

Shawty want a red two-seater”

Doechii exudes confidence and is proud to hone the title of a diva. In detail, she could be referencing Paul McCartney & Wing’s track “Treat Her Gently” here, which includes lyrics, “treat her gently, treat her kind.” The influential rapper wants a red two-seater similar to The Beatles musician George Harrison. He owned a 1943 Ferrari which was a two-seater. Doechii’s speedy rapping and voice change keep us entertained throughout the track. 

“Bitches Be (with Jst Ray)” 

Next on the tracklist is “Bitch I’m Nice.” Check out an analysis of the track here. “Bitches Be (with Jst Ray)”  follows, where Doechii goes on a rant about her aggravations with women. She calls them out for not keeping promises, being dishonest, copying and watching Doechii’s every move. 

All of these bitches want drank 

All of these bitches be me

Most of the bitches gon’ tank”

According to Doechii, women that emulate her will reach a downfall. 

“This Bitch Matters”

On the other hand, the fourth track “This Bitch Matters,” is a more introspective And vulnerable track. She reflects on someone that wronged her. She seems to have grace for this person, rapping in the chorus

“This bitch needs more loving, needs more hugging

Needs more soul, needs more something”

Doechii recognizes there are reasons behind this persons hurtful actions. Also, she seems to be convincing herself that she matters in this track, even though people have treated her otherwise. She admits she’s jaded from what she’s been through and her persona is multidimensional. 

“What should I do ? Do today?

Who should I be ? Be today?”

Finally, Doechii closes she / her / black bitch with “Persuasive (with SZA.)” Click here to learn more about the track.

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