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Doechii is the Heavyweight Champ in “Bitch I’m Nice”

Doechii From the "Crazy" Music Video


Doechii’s high energy, cutthroat delivery, and versatility are special and separate her from other new rappers. She takes pride in her performances, crafting unique outfits and stage designs, and dance routines. She can sing as well as rap, and you never know what her next record will sound like, which is exciting. Her new record “Bitch I’m Nice” released on July 8th. 

Lyrics and flows on “Bitch I’m Nice”

To emphasize, her speedy rhymes glide over a hard hitting hip hop instrumental. The track has big name producers Kal Banx, Diego Ave, Bankroll Got It, and Go Grizzly. Doechii oozes confidence with braggadocious lyrics and aggressive delivery. She raps “I’m the biggest threat to your wife. Go back to the hood, get a jugg and bring a knife to a fight.” One meaning of the term “Jugg” is to hustle or go to work, therefore she’s implying for this person to make some money and prepare for a fight because she is not the one to play with. She flexes her expensive jewelry and foreign cars and takes pride in her sex appeal. She implies she is no competition to anyone and after listening to this record, she has made me a believer. 

Doechii’s rise to rap star

Although Doechii’s rise to stardom was sudden, she is already a force to be reckoned with in the rap game. Doechii earned herself a spot on this years XXL freshman list among established names Saucy Santana, Nardo Wick, SoFaygo and more. You may have heard her songs “Crazy” “Persuasive” or “Yucky Blucky Fruitcake” circulating on Tiktok. Her unique sounds and visuals have sparked curiosity. 

Final Thoughts

Despite the fact Doechii’s newest track is short in duration, she showcases her impressive rapping abilities. She switches flows, brings creative bars, and her delivery is confident and fast-paced . She demands we put some respect on her name. Doechii is coming in hot whether you like it or not. 

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