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Doechii and SZA Are A Dynamic Duo On “Persuasive” Remix

SZA and Doechii, photo from Top Dawg Entertainment
SZA and Doechii, photo from Top Dawg Entertainment

“Persuasive” With SZA

R&B singer song-writer SZA glides on the remix of Doechii’s bouncy track “Persuasive.” This marks the first collaboration between the rapper and R&B singer. The unexpected duo released the “Persuasive” Remix Featuring SZA, last Friday. The R&B track is a confident boast about someone who simply lets go and gets what she wants. In the verses Doechii describes herself as a powerful and ambitious woman. Meanwhile, in the chorus, Doechii could be speaking about herself in third person or someone else. Whoever it may be, they know how to get what they want using persuasion.

Analysis of “Persuasive” 

Notably, marijuana is a common theme throughout the track. She indulges in marijuana, smoking first thing in the morning. Speaking of, the rapper knows everything will be alright, as long as the marijuana is there. Often, marijuana is used to calm anxiety and stress. It can help people loosen up in social situations and feel more comfortable. Doechii in “Persuasive” emphasizes how marijuana can make her or others flirtatious.

For example, the person referred to in the chorus uses flirtation to persuade someone to do what she wants. The track is empowering and makes you feel like a true bad bitch. “Persuasive” is defined by being successful at convincing someone to do or believe something through means of reasoning or temptation. The catchy, repetitive chorus is easy to groove to, and is a confidence boost.

SZA’s Verse 

On the other hand, SZA takes on the role of a boss in the second verse of the “Persuasive” remix.

“Get up off my balls, I said it nice

Get up off that wall and change your life”

The singer won’t let anyone walk over her and no one can dethrone her. She has earned her spot as the boss as she “paid the price.”

In conclusion, SZA is on another level and even the devil can’t interrupt her peace. Everything is divine timing and she feels whole. SZA inserts herself into the feel good track with beautiful melodies and harmonies.

Importantly, “Persuasive” is an R&B track displaying Doechii’s versatility as an artist. Doechii proves she not only raps, but can make an R&B hit just as well. SZA adds even more R&B flavor to the track proving they make a dynamic team.


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