“creo que todo estará bien”: Gus’ revenge for the new year

creo que todo estará bien” is the title of the new single of a promising artist, the 21 years old Gus. Gus, short version of Gustavo Ortega, is one of the most interesting names of the new latin music generation. Born in Valencia, Venezuela, but currently residing in Miami, he’s now living a redemption moment, after the clouds of his past. Gus, indeed, was close to stopping his music career one year ago. The “writer’s block” was bringing him to quit all, but after that he went on and decided to continue with his bigger passion. In a few words, this is the birth’s story of “creo que todo estará bien“.

After a 2020 full of drops, this is the first track of the venezuenal singer for the current year. Like the song says, everything will be fine (“creo que todo estará bien”). This is Gus’ motto for the new year. And, at least for now, his career seems to be going better after the previous difficulties. The track is also in two important Spotify’s playlists: “Latin Pop Rising” and “All New Indie“.

Gus has overcome the previous problems and is preparing for a new challenge in his life. The song is part of a concept album about a hard period, passed thanks to a girl and their relationship. Came after the break up of that relationship, “creo que todo estará bien” is Gus’ way of saying: “Hey, I’m still here, everything we’ll be fine however.”

Next drops and USA tour

Intimacy is the right word to describe the track. If you think about the typical aspect of latin music… you’re on the wrong path! Gus is something completely different, his genre is more similar to names like Frank Ocean, Daniel Caesar and The 1975. The venezuelan is now preparing some other drops: “nos vemos luego” (9/03) and “verano, por siempre” (10/14). Besides, he’s going to come out with the debut album “Summer Forever” and his first USA tour with the band Little Jesus.

Only 21 years old, a huge talent and an incredible confidence. If this is to be the new music generation, well, we’re definitely in good hands.

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