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The Latest Hit of Newcomers Emilia and Duki is “Como Si No Importara”

First project together for them

Como Si No Importara” is the perfect hit for your summer playlist. Both from Argentina, Emilia and Duki collaborate on a track that wants to be on top of the charts. It’s the first project together for the couple, two artists completely from different backgrounds and genres. The latin pop star Emilia has indeed nothing in common with Duki, probably one of the most iconic names of the argentinian rap new generation.

The first single together also means new vibes, new things to experiment. Because of this, premises and expectations are both high, normal things when pop meets rap and vice versa. Two complementary genres that work together. Just like the talents of Emilia and Duki.

The song talks about a carnal and passionate love, that strong passion that only latin people have. Alone, but together. Because like in the best films,  the rest of the world doesn’t matter when love is in the air. It’s a scientific thing that starts from the stomach, impossible to describe. “Como Si No Importara” is Emilia and Duki’s contribution to rhythmic music (and not only latin). Intimacy is something that you need to try to understand the song.

Two more words about Emilia

Produced by Big One and co-written by Emilia, Duki and FMK, this is the latest drop by Emilia, after the success of “Perreito Salvaje“. Class of ’96, Emilia is one of the most promising newcomers of the latin panorama. With the video of “Como Si No Importara“, filmed in Miami, she shows her chemistry with the rapper Duki. This music couple seems really close, and who knows if in the future we’ll also see some other collaborations.

Even if it’s hard work, “Como Si No Importara” is an attempt to be different from the other latin works. Emilia and Duki are trying to bring a melodic but also personal sound, and that is the goal of their collaboration. Nothing to say, just good work by the couple. We’ll then see the evolutions of their single careers.

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