Lorde’s New Era “Solar Power” is Finally Here

This summer Lorde graced us, once again, with her presence for the first time in 4 years with her new album Solar Power. This world Lorde has created, is one of utopias and a love for a planet we do not deserve.

The World of Solar Power

The album starts off heavy with the track “The Path.” This track begins with Lorde’s complex feelings about her stardom at such a young age. “Now if you’re looking for a savior, well, that’s not me,” Lorde sang. It addresses how her fans idolize her, but she does not wish to be idolized. “I’m aware of the way people look at me. I can feel the huge amount of love and devotion that people have for me,” Lorde states. “…Straightaway, I wanted to be like, I’m not the one that’s worthy of your devotion. I’m essentially like you.”

This track transitions into the track “Solar Power,” which was the first track to be released from this album. You can feel the power of the New Zealand sun in this track, and that’s exactly what Lorde wants. This track introduces the theme of the natural world being the answer to all of our heavy emotions.

Solar Power Breakdown

Tracks like “Secrets from a Girl (Who’s Seen it All)” and “The Man with the Axe” capture the self-reflection and vulnerability found on this record. In “Secrets” Lorde imparts her gathered wisdom upon her younger self. In “The Man with the Axe,” Lorde is very vulnerable about the amount of love and affection she feels for someone else.

The tracks “Fallen Fruit,” and “Leader of the New Regime” address Lorde’s cry for the preservation of our environment. The track “Fallen Fruit” takes place in a future where our world is uninhabitable, and we’re escaping to somewhere safe. The track “Leader of the New Regime” is an interlude that expands on this idea.

Overall, the album is a true existential experience. After listening to this album, you will find yourself wanting to step outside and bask in the sun’s warmth. Be sure to check Lorde’s website for tour dates and anything else you might want from the universe of Solar Power.

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