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Louis The Child & Bea Miller Connect on “hate u cuz i don’t”

Electronic duo Louis The Child connected with singer-songwriter Bea Miller for their new dance-pop banger “hate u cuz i don’t.”

Louis The Child Helped Bea Write the Song

The new track features Bea’s vocals supported by Louis The Child’s music mix on the background. Together, they put together a song that is equally meant to be danced to and sung along with.

“Hate u cuz i don’t” explains the feeling of knowing someone you once loved doesn’t feel the same way and just wants to be friends. Written solely by the trio, they express, “I wish I didn’t want you so close. I didn’t want you the most. I f*ckin’ hate you ’cause I don’t. Wanna call you but I won’t. ‘Cause I know that you would rather be alone. I f*ckin’ hate the things you do. ‘Cause they’re makin’ me love you. Didn’t know that it would hurt to watch you go.”

On the track, Louis The Child’s Robby and Freddy explained, “We wrote this one with Bea over a year ago and it was really easy to create. Bea writes about things going on in her life and came in that day telling us about a situation with a boy, so we just channeled that all into the lyrics. The production and songwriting didn’t match with the idea of Here For Now, but it felt perfect for the Euphoria Project. Sometimes you’re creating music for projects you haven’t even thought of yet.”

The song also arrived with an official music video. Directed by Gina Gizella Manning, the visual adds a spirited kick to the release. Starring Bea Miller herself, she performs in solo scenes as well as in a room with Louis The Child. To align with the song’s message, they don’t pay attention to her at all.

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