COUCOU CHLOE Gets Radical in “WIZZ”

Who is COUCOU CHLOE?Still from the COUCOU CHLOE 'WIZZ' music video

Nightmarish, dark, gooey, and primal are just a few ways to describe COUCOU CHLOE’s music.   The producer/singer who was born, “Erika Jane” (not the real housewife from Beverly Hills) originates from Southern France.  After a short stint at a university in the city of Nice, the artist moved to London where she really found her wings.  While in London, she co-founded one of the most experimental underground labels: NUXXE.  She did this alongside artists shygirl and Sega Bodega.  Together, the three of them have trademarked some of the most severe productions in alternative music.  It is a production shrouded in eery vocal shading, hypnotic sonics, and striking beats.  Now, with COUCOU CHLOE’s new single WIZZ we see how she sticks with her trademark sound while bouncing it up a bit.

WIZZ ushers in a slight pivot for her productions

WIZZ has the most house influence in its production out her discography.  On this track, she speeds up the BPM from her usual slow-burn style choice.  Both of those choices have definitely made this track one of the danciest from her discography.  Comparatively, her 2019 EP Naughty Dog was much more influenced by Hip-Hop.  However, in this new era it seems like COUCOU CHLOE is having a little more fun. We saw this in her single, DROP TEN, from last year which featured robot dog barking samples, and in the music video for WIZZ.  In the video the artist, who has walked for Burberry and Vivienne Westwood, did not let down with aesthetics.  Additionally, you see her in a pink Hummer limo with various cuts of her in the best designer wear acting like she is the baddest artist around.  Well, recently she has lived up to that.

Her collab with Lady Gaga and what to expect

Her remix of Lady Gaga’s Stupid Love was one of those exciting moments.  A personal favorite of mine from Gaga’s Dawn Of Chromatica remix album, COUCOU CHLOE went absolutely nasty on that remix.  In it she turns what was otherwise a bright and electronic song into one that is strikingly dreery and intoxicating.  Read my review of it, and other Dawn Of Chromatica tracks, here.  Altogether, after the release of WIZZ we expect that COUCOU CHLOE is set to release an EP or full length project soon.  Her string of single releases hints at this. Afterall, the artists has proven that her hazy club tracks are like ecstacy for the lovers of dark alternative music, and we need more.


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