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The “Chromatica” remix album, “Dawn Of Chromatica” and all its excellence.

The “Dawn Of Chromatica” is here

After months of teasing on Twitter, Lady Gaga’s Chromatica remix album, “Dawn of Chromatica”, is finally out.  Chalked full of features some could only dream of on a Gaga album, it was worth every second of waiting.  What made the anticipation for this album build so much was, BloodPop, the producer of “Chromatica” and his constant talk of the album on Twitter.  The first sign of the remix album happening started when Charli XCX tweeted about a “911” remix that was in the works with Bloodpop.  However, nothing came of it.  After that, Twitter didn’t let up with questions about a remix of the 2020 album.  Even so, BloodPop, and the featured artists, were sure to keep the fans fed with Q&As and cryptic tweets about the project.  Finally, on August 30th Lady Gaga announced “Dawn of Chromatica” would be out September 3rd.

What does the album have to offer?

Dawn Of Chromatica Tracklist

Now, how did an album that was only speculated for the longest time stand up to the anticipation?  It stood up quite well.  With an absolutely captivating remix of the opener, “Alice”, by LSDXOXO the start of the project had the perfect tone.  A tone that pushed what a Lady Gaga track could be; decisively fun and lively in a completely original way.  Next, COUCOU CHLOE serves us one of the best tracks on the album; a remix of Stupid Love.  Compared to its original counterpart which is wild and unconstrained,  the remix has control but is exhilarating. COUCOU CHLOE’s choice to uncover the original hook from the remixes dark veil brightens up the song at just the right time.  Further, we have a Rina Sawayama and Clarence Clarity’s remix of “Free Woman” that displays a mix of both vocalists’ voices perfectly.  The song is pumped full of new life that it needed.  On “Fun Tonight” we see something similar happen with Pabllo Vittar jumping on the track.  Previously, the original track was dull and empty.  Now, it is full of charm and invigorating instrumentals.  On the “911” and “Sour Candy” remixes we have the new features creating totally new pop songs with fresh verses and new hooks.  The industrial-metal remix of “Replay” with Dorian Electra made an already head-banging song even more excitable.  Near the end of the album, we have two flawless versions of “Babylon”.  The first is a version with Bree Runway and Jimmy Edgar that even samples “Nothing More To Say” by SOPHIE, and is just as fun as the original.  Finally, with the closer, we have an earlier fan-favorite version of “Babylon” that was first featured in a Haus Labs commercial by Gaga.  “Babylon – Haus Labs Version” finishes out the project.

The album is a gift to all pop-heads

The addition of this version is a perfect metaphor for the project as a whole; a gift.  The push for this album release was fueled by Little Monsters, and it is truly a gift from Gaga and BloodPop for them to give it to us. In all, the creation of “Dawn of Chromatica” is a showcase of some of the best talents in pop music.  Unimportant is whether Lady Gaga is completely familiar with the features on the project.  What is important, however, is her graciousness to offer her name, platform, and art to other artists.  In doing so, she allows them to share their talent at the level she does.  The project is full of artists who are creating new expressions of what music can be.  They are then mixed with an artist who has put her stamp all over what music is today.  Lady Gaga’s continued creation of space will keep allowing music to be expressive, experimental, and emotion-invoking. Catch more of what Lady Gaga is doing on October 1st with her release of, “Love For Sale,” her second album with Tony Bennet.

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