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Doss Teams Up with Spotify for “Cherry”

Doss talks about collaboration on latest single

The enigmatic New York-based producer, Doss, is back with a new single as a part of Spotify’s Singles series.  The creation of Cherry starts at a Spotify studio with the help of Cecilia Gault’s vocals.  The series by Spotify, started in 2016, was created to foster relationships within the music community.  Doss, on their collaboration with Spotify, said “It was exciting hearing the song evolve and develop at each stage of the process.” Doss - Cherry Spotify Single - Cover

Additionally, in the same press release, she talked about working with Gault on the single.  She said, “I knew I wanted to make a serviceable club track with Cecilia, and I started writing ‘Cherry’ with her vocal style in mind, imagining wanting to be really present in a club by yourself, enjoying the moment in your own way.”  As is expected for a producer who has worked for the likes of Lady Gaga and SOPHIE, Doss absolutely delivered that in this track.

The track is exihlerating

Cherry is centered in the club.  On the track, Doss created a dance-floor-ready mix of bass and gritty synths.  In contrast, this track is quite different in comparison to her EP from earlier this year: 4 New Hit Songs.  That EP was much lighter, gleaming, and trance-influenced.  However, a hollow rubbery bass and fuzzy blown-out synths cover this track.  It is underground, heavy, and feels like you’re one drink away from forgetting everything.  More so, one of the song’s strongest parts is the energy it evokes from listening to it.  That is Doss’ brilliance. She has a way of creating soundscapes that are absolutely transporting.

Doss keeps going forward

Now, after a 7-year hiatus from her self-titled debut project, it looks as if 2021 is the start of something new for Doss. Currently, she is finishing up a short tour in North America.  Additionally, she remixed a track on Lady Gaga’s Chromatica album and played in Porter Robinson’s 2018 Secret Sky Festival.  Right now, Doss is showing that her take on music is one that listeners resonate with.  To be sure you don’t miss out on new music from the artist, follow her on Twitter and Instagram to stay up to date.

Doss Via Twitter promoting her recent EP

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