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Claire Rosinkranz Keeps Rolling on Debut Album “Just Because”

To say we’re longtime fans of pop singer Claire Rosinkranz here at Music Daily would be underselling it. We checked in shortly after her debut EP, following her next official release, and with two of her singles, “Frankenstein” and “Sad in Hawaii.” Even since that last update back in March of this year, she did some serious leveling up dropping her debut album and announcing some high-level tour appearances. Here’s everything you missed in the young pop star’s career in the months since.

Claire Rosinkranz Continues Innovating on Her First Studio Album

Rosinkranz’s breakout moment on the back of her 2019 single “Backyard Boy” introduced the world to her brand of bubblegum pop with a strong emotional center, but the singer proved that there was still room for growth on her successive releases. That certainly remains the case on Just Because, a project mostly filled with easily digestible pop tunes yet a few choices moments of soul-bearing tenderness.

“123,” “Sad in Hawaii” and “Never Goes Away” make up the three-track stretch that begins the project. Each dropped as singles in the leadup for this LP’s release, and they’re still just as punchy and addictive once fully in context. “123” especially pops—an additional dash of attitude going a long way to complement Rosinkranz’s breathless delivery, like when she sings, “Everybody’s falling in it, everybody but me / wait a minute, I got somewhere to be / on the concrete, running ’cause I’m out of your league.”

“Dreamer,” “Swinging at the Stars” and “Polarized,” each a new piece of material here, also make good on a similar atmosphere of punchy, sunbleached vignettes. “Dreamer” in particular stands out for its near neo-psychedelia, the guitar’s melodies at work during the intro and in the hook calling to mind Tame Impala, while Rosinkranz herself wonders aloud about how love is just a bunch of chemicals.

Taken from @clairerosinkranz on Instagram.

Standout Tracks on Claire Rosinkranz’s Just Because

All of that is to say, for fans who know Claire chiefly through those breakout hits, there’s plenty of material in that lane to latch onto. The fact she sticks to the script, dazzling a script as it is, makes the moments where she diverges stand out. One comes with “Screw Time,” a song that flirts with Midwest emo by relying heavily on moody, reverb-drenched guitar lines to set up a bittersweet and nostalgic vibe throughout. Rosinkranz is pitch perfect in matching that tone: “Cause it feels like I was just seventeen, wondering what’s next for me / They say time flies, but time just steals from me / Stop turning all my nights into memories.”

The deliberations over life being too short continue on another standout, “Wes Anderson,” which functions more as advice for the listener than ruminations on her own personal life. In the chorus, she belts out, “Moments are fleetin’, some things don’t break even / What do you bеlieve in? Nothing’s guaranteed.”

Major Touring Updates For the Young Singer

And while that debut album is certainly newsworthy enough, equally exciting is the news of the tour that’ll support it. Titled “Claire Rosinkranz: A Live Experience,” the concert series marks her first headlining dates. It’s set to span 16 dates beginning in March of next year. The tour kicks off with a March 5th set in Portland, before the singer hits major markets like Seattle, LA, Phoenix, Philly, NYC and Boston over the following month and change. An April 4th date in Toronto is the last show currently scheduled. To check if she’ll be in your area, or for more detailed info on how to grab tickets when she is, head to Claire Rosinkranz’s official website. And as always, head to streaming services to find all the music featured here.

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