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Claire Rosinkranz Is Over It On Latest Track

Claire Rosinkranz Is Born For This

Claire Rosinkranz Via TwitterClaire Rosinkranz is the latest indie-pop star to be swept into the spotlight after an explosion of views on one of her songs.  Due to the power of TikTok that single, “Backyard Boy,” garnered over 300,000 plays on the app.  By chance? Maybe.  The truth is, Rosinkranz is no newbie to creating music.  In fact, she’s been around it her whole life.  Her paternal grandmother an Icelandic opera singer, maternal, a writer of children’s songs, and a father who produces music; including his daughters.  It is this love for the art that keeps this 18-year-old Republic Records musician unable to stay away from her journal where she writes her songs.

Much like that of Taylor Swift, with a sense of effortless, she can’t get enough of story-telling with her music.  Then, with her dad at their home studio, she records these tracks.  The outcome?  Indie-pop songs with relatable lyrics, sweet melodies, and gentle production.  This process is something she can’t get enough of.  Saying that, “it just keeps coming. I want people to hear it.”  However, now it seems she is growing out of the sunshiny vibe of her earlier music.  Now, Rosinkranz is exploring the angst of her current age and translating that into her latest music.  First, it was with the punk driven “stuck on us” from earlier this year.  Now, with her latest track “i’m too pretty for this.”

i’m too pretty for this

Clearly, Rosinkranz is done with the niceties in this new era.  “i’m too pretty for this” is the exact musicification of being “so over it.”  In the track, the double-time guitar and forward percussion mirror that of the punk-pop age of Paramore and Avril Lavigne.  She laments over the fact that she is too pretty to be dealing with boy drama.  Being that she is a talented young artist with a growing career – we can’t blame her.

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