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Claire Rosinkranz Builds Her Own “Frankenstein”

Claire Rosinkranz dropped her latest song, “Frankenstein,” as the lead single to her upcoming project. This project is known as the Claire Rosinkranz EP.

Claire Rosinkranz: An Artist to Watch

Rosinkranz is a pop artist on-the-rise that just keeps demonstrating her talent to the world. The 17-year-old started releasing music only two years ago, but she has already accumulated almost four million monthly listeners on Spotify. Did we mention that is with only nine songs out? Yes, and her most popular one, “Backyard Boy,” surpasses the 115 million streams milestone! With a new EP on the way, it’s clear that this artist will just keep getting bigger and bigger.

Claire’s last two-song EP bundle, Real Life, gave us more of an alternative pop sound. Now, “Frankenstein” offers a fresh new vibe in the Rosinkranz catalog, as it has her most clever lyrics to date. She reflects on what she would like in a boy and designs her perfect partner. His alias? “Frankenstein.” 

Building Her Own “Frankenstein”

“When I’m mad. He’ll kiss me till I’m numb and not treat me so bad. And he makes me laugh. He’s never on my nerves, gets along with my dad. I been searching, don’t think it’s out there. Oh so loyal, makes me feel spoiled. He’s my daydream, never a nightmare. Every little thing that I want. Guess I gotta build my Frankenstein. Draw the picture, color all the lines. When it’s right, I’ll take a test drive,” she sings while describing her dream man.

She explains to DORK, “I imagine somebody who’s been in a bunch of past relationships, and they haven’t worked out for whatever reason. The guy is just too egotistical. So, you’re fed up and actually try to Frankenstein your perfect boy together. It’s honestly innocent, carefree, and cute.”

The music video for the song shows so many funny visuals. Getting inspiration from a portrait she saw at a museum, the rising star designs her man to be just like the one in the art piece. As Claire narrates what her perfect partner would be like, we start seeing her start to design a real-life Frankenstein. It’s clever like the lyrics, fun like her personality, and also enthralling like her music.

The Claire Rosinkranz EP arrives on July 9, but hopefully, we can get another single from Claire before then!

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