December 06, 2022

BARON.E.’s “CAMISOLE”: Identity Is The Key Word


CAMISOLE” is the new single of BARON.E, while waiting for their second EP Créature, which will be dropped in November. Faustine Pochon and Arnaud Rolle, the names behind BARON.E, are a swiss duo formed in 2019 that make electronic and indie pop music. They’re both from the French-speaking part of Switzerland, but have already had the possibility to be known in the USA. In 2020 indeed, just one year after their debut, BARON.E made their first american performance at the Washington D.C. Francophonie Cultural Festival.

Always with an eye to the world, the couple has found the perfect formula to mix their different influences and styles, in particular what works is the hybrid between the kindness of Faustine’s voice and the important music contribution of Arnaud. In this sense, “CAMISOLE” is the process of a desire to emerge, and finally change their state of emerging artists. That’s actually a niche genre, but anyway can be loved by listeners of other music, thanks also to the powerful choruses.

About the videoclip

Besides, what’s also interesting is that the video of the song is 100% home filming. Arnaud, behind the camera, films Faustine in a symbolic production that wants to show a no filtered identity. BARON.E’s clip shows us the boring drill of every day life, something far from all the fake appearance of nowadays. Identity and authenticity are the key words, BARON.E’s project is surely destined to big things for the future.

Next drops and exhibitions

Until now, 2021 has been a year of transition for the band, but the next few months will change things. November, in particularly, is gonna be crucial. The EP Créature will be dropped on the 4th and, besides, on the 18th there’s gonna be their exhibition in Paris. BARON.E and Paris, apart from French, have a particularly type of delicacy in common. Something that’s typically French, despite the band’s from Switzerland.

Listen below to “CAMISOLE,” the lastest BARON.E’s drop, and maybe, in the future, they will be back in the USA for a concert. We hope that.



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