Phoebe Bridgers Gives Us A “Funny Feeling” With Song Cover

Get ready for a crushing wave of the subtle artistic genius from the rocker Phoebe Bridgers. Earlier this week, the Grammy-nominated star posted to her YouTube a cover of Bo Burnham‘s song “That Funny Feeling.” 

Bridger is also using the traction of this amazing cover to also do some good in the community. All of the proceeds for the video are going towards Texas Abortion Funds. With so much chaos going on in America it is only right that we have one of the biggest musicians out right now pushing a positive narrative and acting on it.

Phoebe Bridgers Heating Up With Burnham’s Track

Texas is facing backlash for almost passing the most restrictive abortion law in the U.S. And now Phoebe is here to help empower the female residents of the second most populous state. This act, along with virus mandates (or lack thereof) is indicating to many how out of touch Texas’ government really is.

To help shed light on this topic and many others, Phoebe Bridgers decided to cover “That Funny Feeling.” The song highlights how many inconsistencies and hypocritical problems our society faces. With a cynical tone and dark humor embedding into each line, the song gives us a mirror to look at. 

The single originally comes from the comedian and singer Bo Burnham’s huge Netflix special titled INSIDE. The special focuses on the things we all faced in quarantine including depression, anxiety, and boredom. It is filled with amazing original pieces that are hilarious and painfully true. Burnham has always done a great job in creating funny content that has meaning. The only thing he was missing was an amazing artist.

Phoebes Bridgers’ soft vocals and guitar are aperfect fit for the vibe of the song and the point it gets across. So this collaboration/ cover is everything we needed and more, especially in the times we’re in. The cover of the song as well as all of Bo’s singles from the special is out now on all streaming platforms so check it out as well as Bo Burnham’s INSIDE.


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