Ariana Grande Joins The Weeknd’s “Save Your Tears” Remix

Ariana Grande and The Weeknd reunited for the third time for yet another chart-topping collaboration. This time is for a remixed version of The Weeknd’s “Save Your Tears.”

“Save Your Tears” Marks Ariana & The Weeknd’s Third Collab

Four days prior to the release of this new remix, the stars took over to Instagram to tease fans about the new collaboration. They each posted a video with a black background. In it, both of them harmonize along to a line of “Save Your Tears,” “I don’t know why I run away.” Fans immediately started assuming a new version of the song was coming – and they were right!

“Save Your Tears” marks the third collaboration between Ariana Grande and The Weeknd over seven years. The singers first got together back in 2014 for Ariana’s single “Love Me Harder,” which now has over 700 million views on YouTube alone. They reunited last year in a duet for “off the table,” too, a song that was included on Ariana’s album Positions.

The Stars Are Good Friends

The new remix also came out alongside an animated visual, directed by Jack Brown and produced by Blinkink, featuring both artists. In it, The Weeknd appears as a toy inventor who is ensembling a new doll. The doll, of course, turns out to be Ariana Grande herself. We see each part of her going through machines all operated by The Weeknd. In the end, we get to see the final product, a full-size Ariana Grande doll standing next to The Weeknd.

Although the singers haven’t given out more details about the collaboration yet, Ariana shared with Zach Sang what she thought about their collaboration for “off the table” last year. “I didn’t know anyone was ever going to hear it. Just kind of was sitting in my room during quarantine, towards the very beginning. I just had set up my little home situation. A friend of Matt Bennett’s, Shintaro, had sent me a little folder of beats. He’s a really brilliant producer and he sent me a pack of beats. I pulled it up and I wrote a verse and a chorus and I sent it over to Abel (The Weeknd) and I said “Is this okay?” and he was like “Yeah, I’m gonna write the second verse.” It was a very intimate moment and writing process between two friends.”

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