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Ariana Grande Has a Girls’ Night with Doja Cat & Megan Thee Stallion in ’34+35′ Remix Video

Ariana Grande has surely had great hits from her newest album. Starting with ‘Positions’ blowing up, ‘34+35’ came to life as a single almost right after. That wasn’t enough for Ariana, though, as now she decided to team up with Doja Cat & Megan Thee Stallion to create a new remix of the song. 

A Fun Music Video for ’34+35′ Remix

After the remix gained lots of attention because of the big names that collaborated together in it, the trio just dropped its music video. As you might imagine, the music video fits very well with the lyrics of the song. The trio has a girls’ night at a fancy hotel where they show off their lingerie outfits, and dance and sing the night away. They also order champagne and snacks and make us all wish to have a slumber party with our friends.

Before ‘34+35’ started to blow up, Ariana talked to Zach Sang about it. “I’ve been very nervous about ‘34+35′. I don’t want it to distract from the rest of the album, but I do love it, and sonically it’s one of my favorite things we’ve ever done.”

She continued, sharing what makes the Positions album so special to her. “Because I just think it’s ridiculous and so funny and stupid. It’s like absolutely absurd. It was just a fun thing. We heard the strings that sounded so like Disney and orchestral and full and pure, and I was like “What is the dirtiest possible most opposing lyrics we could write to this?” This is one hundred percent accurate, as Ariana’s vocals usually sound very innocent. In the new album, she experienced something new by mixed those with more mature lyrics. 

Ariana is Dropping a Deluxe Version of Positions Soon

Ariana recently confirmed that a deluxe edition of ‘Positions’ would be dropping later this month. It will feature the ’34+35′ remix along with four new songs. Taking to YouTube Live prior to the music video’s premiere, she shared that the names of these tracks will be ‘someone like u (interlude)’, ‘test drive’, ‘worst behavior’, and ‘main thing’.

“I always envisioned them coming out as a part of this era, this chapter, this storyline, this album”. Ariana said of the tracks. “It felt like they needed to be heard. They needed to kind of give the album a second life down the line.”

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