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Allison Leah is Back With “What I’m Missing”

Breakout artist Allison Leah is back with her first single in one year, “What I’m Missing.”

Allison Has The Most Soothing Voice

“What I’m Missing” features Allison’s soothing vocals. Plus, the smooth and relaxing music makes the song perfect for driving around in your car with not a worry in the world. In the lyrics, she expresses always looking for something – or a person – that she can’t seem to find; especially when it comes to getting close to someone special.  “I’m always searching for something. Can’t seem to find what I’m running to. This year left me feeling distant. I hope I find what I’m missing,” she sings in the first chorus.

“What I’m Missing” marks Allison’s first original song in one year. Her last one, “We Can Still Sing,” came out on May 1 last year. Now, Allison shows that she’s ready to come back to music and bless our ears with it.

“What I’m Missing” is the Lead Single to Her Upcoming EP

During an interview with Pop Matters, Allison revealed that “What I’m Missing” is actually the lead single to her upcoming EP. “This is the perfect song to introduce my new EP. Sonically, it is an introduction to the musical soundscape we’ll be living in. And lyrically, it is a reflection of the past year as we depart from it,” she said.

“It combines the lessons that I’ve learned about myself over the past year with the hope of the person I want to become. I hope ‘What I’m Missing’ makes you feel nostalgic yet hopeful and leaves you wanting more,” she continued.

Allison also shared how much she has grown this past year and how excited she is for her new EP to come out. “I am so excited about this EP. I wrote this album from 2020 through early 2021, a time of major personal growth, and the music has grown as well. Lyrically, the subject matter has matured, and it’s my first time releasing pop music! I am in love with the soundscape of this record.”

Check out this amazing artist and tell us what you think!

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