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Sangiovanni and Trevor Daniel Collaborate for the Remix of “malibu”

First international collaboration for Sangiovanni

The first international collaboration for the italian singer Sangiovanni is with Trevor Daniel, star of the single “Falling.” The previous version of “malibu,” a huge success in Italy with 70 million clicks, can now count on a new remix. Sangiovanni, class of ’03, is the protagonist of an incredible climb to success.

Recently coming out from the talent show “Amici‘,” his hits are a cult in the country. “lady“, “tutta la notte” and, indeed, “malibu,” together count something like 150,000,000 of streams just on the platform of Spotify. An incredible thing if we think that before this summer nobody knew Sangiovanni’s music. His attitude is particular, a mix between anger and romance. But always with the freshness of the youthness. Instead, talking about the genre, he ranges from pop to rap.

More than a TikTok trend

With the remix of “malibu,” Sangiovanni wants to bring his music to a bigger audience. Because of this, the presence of Trevor Daniel is probably the best choice for having the right hype. The two artists are so much more similar than what people would think. First of all: they’re both newcomers, but also their music genres have a lot in common. Last but not least, both Sangiovanni and Trevor’s songs went viral on TikTok. But there’s a but. Yes, because the two artists are more than a fast viral trend for kids. Surely they’ll have massive pressures for the next drops, and “malibu’s” remix as well.

Italy and the USA are together for the same goal, not only to make a trend, but for having fun and making good music. “malibu” doesn’t want to be only a summer hit for the various playlists. Also if you aren’t a lover of pop music (like me), you might like this song. Sangiovanni perfectly mixes the freshness with the old good stuff, a contemporary pop that could be appreciated by everybody. At just 18 years old, he’s incredibly promising and a candidate to have a great career. This, at least, is also our wish for him.

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