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Deem Spencer Drops New Album “adultSW!M”

Rapper Deem Spencer returns with a new album release “adultSW!M.” Deeply introspective, thoughtful, and atmospheric, Deem Spencer brings back his distinct ethereal rap style that his fans have been waiting for. 

Out of NYC, Into Another World

Deem Spencer has been writing raps since high school, and his theme of performing for crushes and lovers has largely persisted to today. Coming from humble beginnings in Queens, Spencer has been credited for making music for the reflective and overthinking introverts. A deeply contemplative rapper, his singing sources its power in the feeling he imbues into each song. His expressiveness, despite his soft-spoken voice, is ever-present in heartbreaking anthems such as “How Beautiful” or the lamenting “One Hundred Seasons.” Of course, Spencer isn’t afraid of indulging in more laid-back and casual standard rap tracks, yet the beautiful nature of his rap style definitely sets him apart from the hip-hop scene.

“adultSW!M” is Spencer’s 4th album, following the release of “Deem’s Tape” in 2021. Let’s check out this new album together! 

“A Sobering Reality”

This album is defined by its slow-paced songs and unconventional instrumentals. Once again, Spencer creates an atmosphere that feels like you’re waking up from a dream. Whether it’s the haunting choir clashing with the jarring synth in “Deli man” or the water-tinged sound of the drum beat in “I will die by your hill.” 

Deem Spencer tells numerous heavy stories throughout the album, diving into various dilemmas he’s been experiencing in depth. He starts off with “yon,” beginning the album with “good rap.” In an interview with Hypebeast, he says “yon” is “about friends growing apart, and being in denial about that but learning that you have to confront those things head-on.” 

“I will die on your hill,” “come down,” “adventures in wonderland,” and “ungrateful you” all deal with love, and the neglected responsibilities and roles one might face in a relationship. Spencer also uses his songs as an art form to connect with himself, as exemplified with the tracks: “the kids are listening” and “27,” which both deal with Spencer’s grappling with fame and his role to his audience.  

Overall, “adultSW!M” is another masterclass by Spencer to utilize music as a way to connect with oneself more deeply and thus connect with his audience more deeply. Ironically, it is the most specific of messages that is able to connect with the broadest of audiences.

Check out Spencer’s future projects by clicking here! 

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