Dermot Kennedy Affirms That “Better Days” Are Coming

Irish singer-songwriter Dermot Kenney is back with his first solo single of the year, the empowering “Better Days.”

Dermot Reminds us to Stay Positive During Dark Times

“Better Days” is an electrifying song where Dermot reminds us that no matter how bad some days can be, we have to look up and be positive, because, better days are always coming our way. “I know you’ve been hurtin’. Waitin’ on a train that just won’t come. The rain, it ain’t permanent. And soon we’ll be dancin’ in the sun. We’ll be dancin’ in the sun. And we’ll sing your song togеther,” he sings in the chorus.

In a statement, Dermot shared his inspiration for the song. “‘Better Days’ is about patience and believing in something brighter. At a time when so many people feel worried and exhausted, I would love for this song to remind even one person that things will improve. As an artist, I feel somewhat responsible to try to make people feel a little better. We need art and music now more than ever – both can be so powerful and show us how beautiful life truly is. I hope this song can provide some solace and remind people that ‘Better Days’ will come.”

He added, “I wrote it around February, in a selfish way it was like someone speaking to me eight years ago when I had nothing going on and stuff felt a bit dead-endy and I felt a bit frustrated.”

Catch Him on Tour Across the U.S & U.K!

Dermot recently kicked off his US/UK Tour that will go on for almost three full months. The tour officially started on July 31 in Chicago, where he played one of Lollapalooza’s official after-shows. The next day, on August 1, he went on to play his set at the festival. He will continue to travel across the U.S. until August 19, when he will cross over the pond and continue the tour across the UK. A full list of dates and tickets can be found at

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