Conan Gray’s “Astronomy” Is Out-Of-This-World

Conan Gray released his latest single, “Astronomy.” It’s a soft ballad accompanied by a soothing melody, alongside outer world lyrics.

“Astronomy” Is Conan Gray’s Heartbreaking Ballad

Singer-songwriter Conan Gray has gained big popularity due to the success of his latest singles. Among them, “Maniac,” “Fake,” and “Heather” are on top of the list, with each of them having over 60 million streams on Spotify alone. “Astronomy” is quickly moving closer to this milestone, as it has already accumulated over three million streams… in only five days.

“Astronomy” is surely different from his past singles, as this one doesn’t follow the sunny and happy vibe that Conan’s songs mostly have. This song is a sad and heartbreaking ballad, talking about rupture.  It’s new and it’s upsetting, but very raw.

Conan Gray expresses the feeling of drifting apart from that special someone, as they start to change and are not the person they used to be. “We’ve traveled the seas, we’ve ridden the stars. We’ve seen everything from Saturn to Mars. As much as it seems like you own my heart. It’s astronomy, we’re two worlds apart.”

“‘Astronomy’ is about that slow, painful, often denial-inducing process of growing apart from somebody,” he explains to DORK. “That moment when all of a sudden you look at that person you’ve loved for years and realize you no longer know them. That you two exist on two different worlds now.”

He continues, “I find the worst heartbreaks happen slowly. No blowout fight and slamming doors and showing up on doorsteps while it’s raining. Just a gradual decaying of love with nothing left to do to stop it from slipping away. There’s no explanation, nobody to blame. That hurts the most.”

“Astronomy” is Conan Gray’s follow-up to “Overdrive,” released in February earlier this year. It’s rumored that both songs are the first puzzle pieces to his upcoming project, but he hasn’t confirmed it yet. We’ll keep an eye on him for more music!

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