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“VAX LIVE” Is Foo Fight-ing For A Safe Vaccine Rollout

Global Citizen’s “VAX LIVE” concert has a small, but mighty star studded lineup, including the one and only Foo Fighters. This Saturday, May 8, the band will be joined by the likes of Eddie Vedder and J Balvin, as well as Jennifer Lopez and H.E.R.. This spectacular event of popular music and world leaders will be hosted by Selena Gomez as viewers learn about the COVID-19 pandemic and the vaccine roll out around the globe.


Foo Fight–ing For Public Health

The Foo Fighters are a band of many talents. From grunge albums to dance rock and everything in between, the Foos know no bounds. 


The beloved and award-winning rock supergroup fronted by Dave Grohl has spent much of their career as activists. Using their platform and their music, the band consistently puts their moral, social agenda on display. Whether they are fighting for humans rights or promoting election voting, this band works hard to have it covered. 


Their goal to entertain and educate is evident in all that they do, too. Over the past year, the band has performed at a variety of benefits and charity events that aimed to fund and educate those in need. During a chaotic year, seeing a band you know and love stand up for what they believe in to help others was heartwarming. (Not to mention that the music they make in and of itself allows people a moment of escapism and headbanging.)


Foo Fighters Attend Live Shows Like “VAX LIVE” For A Cause

Over the past year, the Foo Fighters have brought joy and intelligence into the lives of fans and music lovers around the world. They were part of iHeartRadio’s Living Room Concert for America and they attended last year’s Global Citizen’s One World: At Home concert. As well as the runoff election show, Georgia Comes Alive.


Now they are honing in on the facts, as well as the music. “VAX LIVE” is a show promoting the most recent, vital messages regarding public health and the coronavirus pandemic. They are doing this through popular music and it’s celebrity impact. The importance of the world getting access and knowledge about the variety of vaccines is immense. Global Citizen, as both a nonprofit organization and an international entity, are promoting that through the use of music. It is thrilling to see Foo Fighters be part of that.


Not only does this add in another genre and another dimension to the “VAX LIVE” broadcast, but it matches up with the Foo Fighters are. This is a group that has imparted wisdom and hope into a variety of their songs over the course of two-and-a-half  decades. Their music is resonating and relatable, written in and about different periods in their lives and the world around them. 


A Champion Year For The Good-Hearted Foo Fighters

Songs like “Times Like These” are constantly utilized as an anthem for the ups and downs of the modern world. Because of its unique take on reality and the warmth it has, as well as it’s strong lyrical component, the Foos re-released mid-pandemic. Dave Grohl got together (virtually) with fans around the world to cover the song. This “Times Like These” rendition featured a variety of voices that put on display how – in times like these – people in every corner of the world can come together. 


This song raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for COVID-19 relief in various industries and many countries around the globe. That’s what Dave Grohl does, he lives a life that is grand, but looks at it with no rose-colored tint whatsoever. 


Grohl is a realist and a hopeful human being. His music reflects that. All performances, songs, and messages that  the Foo Fighters relay into the world prove that year after year.


Foo Fighters have had quite the year, regardless of the pandemic. They released a brand new album – their 10th studio LP since their 1995 inception. The album, Medicine At Midnight, dropped this past winter and quickly reached No. 1 on all rock charts. The record was, and is, an uptempo, danceable, spectacularly produced piece of music. Although it was written prior to the pandemic, there are messages of letting go and having peace in the world found within it. The record is fun, rocking, and meant to be blasted at full volume with reckless abandonment… at least for the moment.


Safety First, Music Second, “VAX LIVE” Third

That isn’t the only thing that Foos released this year. Earlier this month Dave Grohl released a surprise NFT release alongside Mike Jagger. The Rolling Stones frontman and Foo Fighters founder collaborated on “Eazy Sleazy.” As a brand new collaborative single, it’s great. And as a COVID-19 lockdown anthem, it’s even better. But it’s the fact that it’s profits go to coronavirus relief charities within the music industry that makes it the best.


“Eazy Sleazy” talks about the importance of vaccine distribution during this global pandemic that has yet to be eradicated. It also looks COVID skeptics in the eye and tells them to take a hike. The world is facing a real problem and you shouldn’t need Jagger and Grohl to tell you that. 


Stay safe, get vaccinated, support your local businesses, and respect that fact that this pandemic is a harsh reality – but a reality nonetheless. Like this song, “VAX LIVE” is all about promoting vaccines and understanding public health crises.


Tune into Global Citizen’s “VAX LIVE” on May 8 on CBS, ABC, YouTube, or iHeart Radio’s app. You can catch the Foo Fighters, Selena Gomez, J Balvin, and more on your screen… and maybe even a Mick Jagger cameo.

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