February 02, 2023



The Foo Fighters Hand Out The Medicine We Really Need

 Foo Fighters have finally unleashed all nine doses of their much-heralded new album, Medicine at Midnight. This groovy, yet grunge style of rock brings a whole new dimension to the already rock legends.  

This album comes anticipated since the singles “Shame Shame”, “Waiting On a War”, and “No Son of Mine” last year. The album also celebrates 26 years of the band making hits and keeping rock music alive. Lead vocalist Dave Grohl said that within all the years of them making music, they made every type of album besides a “party” album. 

Although I don’t get party vibes, I do sense more groove and jazz-inspired elements throughout this project. Don’t worry, The Foo Fighters don’t get rid of their punchy drum lines and stellar guitar solos. The music is still as grunge as ever, but with a modern twist that reels you in for a surprise.

Foo Fighters Hit Formula

With over 20 years of music experience, The Foo Fighters know exactly what makes a rock and roll hit. Some of the compositions of the songs on the album, like “Holding Poison”, take you on what feels like a ride of hardcore melodies. 

I tip my hat to The Foo Fighters for trying to do something with a completely new intention, but if I’m being honest, this does not steer far from the 2000’s band that earned their way into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame. That is not a bad thing. However, it doesn’t sound like they are trying anything new or reaching for this album to have a specific vibe. The only song that I will say is completely different from something I’ve heard is “Chasing Birds”. This was the worst song on the album and does not match the direction the album goes at all.

Overall, The Foo Fighters made this one a hit because of their loyal fanbase and experience in making good music. The band stayed in their wheelhouse and as a 26th anniversary, I can’t be mad at the band rockin’ on.

The album is currently streaming on all platforms and Dave also joined Zane Lowe on his daily Apple Music 1 show. to chat about the album. Listen to their conversation HERE


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