Morray Taking Us To Church With His “Street Sermons”

Last Friday, April 30, upcoming rapper/singer Morray released his first full-length studio mixtape. Street Sermons is a drawn-out testimony of the rapper’s struggle growing up poor in the South.

His topics are very much the same as almost every southern rapper out there, but Morray brings a fresh perspective. He coins a certain type of southern pride that comes with such dangerous territory.

His flow mixes rap and singing influenced by gospel harmonies to give Morray a unique command of the pocket. His style is little reminiscent of the Hip-Hop Soul star heating up right now by the name of Rod Wave.

Their approach in music content is similar as well. Both choose to hit on subjects that have more substance and meaning behind the lyrics and melodies. However, Rod Wave has been on his grind steadily crafting projects. What makes Morray stand out so much is that this is his first mixtape ever, and he is drawing in so many people already.

Morray’s Unexpected Come Up

After serving jail time in his early 20’s, Morray worked to provide for his child and recorded music on the side. And in 2020, he lost his job at a call center and pursued music full-time. Soon enough, through a mix of events, Morray signed with Pick Six Records.

On October 30, 2020, he released his first single “Quicksand“, which quickly charted on the Billboard Hot 100. Following the release, he received co-signs from North Carolina hitmakers J. Cole and DaBaby.

The single then amassed millions of streams and he was placed in the spotlight as the next emerging artist.

In an interview with Billboard, he said “I want to be that light in the ghetto, I want be the person that makes you smile and shows you the hood ain’t all bad. I appreciate where I came from and I know that the ghetto can bring positive and negative memories.”

Morray is doing just that with his first mixtape, and we cant wait for what else he has instore for us. Go check out the music video for “Can’t Use Me” and listen to the project streaming on all platforms.

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