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Foo Fighters Join Georgia Comes Alive Lineup

Foo Fighters to perform for a cause. The cause? Voter rights.

Foo Fighters join Georgia Comes Alive lineup, adding the show to their participation in a slew of voting and political fundraisers. On December 26, they’ll take the virtual stage alongside other artists in support of voter participation in Georgia’s runoff elections.    The one day, online event is presented by Live for Live Music in partnership with HeadCount. The co-founder of HeadCount, Andy Berstein, believes that this event comes at a crucial moment. In a press release, he stated “This is a great way for people outside of Georgia to support the amazing organizations doing the hard work on the ground in The Peach State. We hope the funds we raise and the positive energy all have a real impact.   The impressive roster of performers include the likes of Dave Matthews, DIPLO, Grace Potter, and The Allman Betts Band. Foo Fighters joins these acts to both raise awareness for voter suppression and support Georgia grassroots organizations. Showing their support for causes both social and political is part of who Foo Fighters are.  

Foo Fighters Join Georgia Comes Alive and Raise Political Awareness

Foo Fighters frontman, Dave Grohl, has consistently been outspoken about the political climate. This year, Grohl urged fans to vote in the 2020 presidential election. He shared a photo of his own “I Voted” sticker online on Election Day, too.   He and his mother, Virginia Grohl, sat down with Dr. Jill Biden in October. They chatted about the importance of fair education during a pandemic. The musician’s mother was a teacher for decades, as was Jill Biden. The pair talked about the power that teacher’s have, but especially in 2020.   Also in October, the Foos performed an acoustic set at the “I Will Vote” virtual concert, another fundraiser. The day before the livestream, the band announced their set tweetingMusic has the power to change the world. So does voting.” Foo Fighters join Georgia Comes Alive only continues their work with events that fall in line with their beliefs.    However, Grohl has been actively political before 2020 and throughout much of the 2000s. In 2012, the rocker worked with Rock the Vote, a nonprofit that targets young people and their political power. Foo Fighters headlined the Rock the Vote concert and performed for four hours in support of voting. Then, in 2018, the singer-songwriter joined PBS New Hour to talk about how and when music and politics align. Through music, Grohl helps by engaging today’s youth.   Georgia Comes Alive is a fundraiser that, through donation, gives you access to the virtual festival on 12/26. For more information on the cause and lineup, visit
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