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Tyga and Doja Cat Get “Freaky Deaky” With New Track

Tyga and Doja Cat reunite for the first time after 2019 hit “Juicy” with the new single, “Freaky Deaky.” The last time the rappers collaborated was for Doja Cat’s 2019 album, “Hot Pink.” The pair teased the single’s release early last week via Twitter, a still from their new video together.

Tyga and Doja Cat Get "Freaky Deaky" With New Track
via Twitter @Tyga: Freaky

Tyga and Zach Lowe

In a recent interview with Zach Lowe on Apple Music 1, Tyga says, with the first single, “Freaky Deaky,” out now, his album is nearly finished and expects it to drop “somewhere early summertime.” Also, Tyga has some nice words to say about his collaborater, “‘[Doja] is a true artist,’ Tyga told Lowe. ‘And I think we see that from her outfits, her Lives, her TikToks, but that’s what makes her and she’s a real true artist, and that’s what I appreciate about her.”‘ He then continues praise by comparing her work ethic to greats like Lil Wayne and Chris Brown.

Tyga and Doja Cat “Freaky Deaky” Analysis

The music video is futuristic, both using gadgets to impress one another. Both Tyga and Doja are apart, texting from separate locations. However, the chat is getting rather suggestive, which brings the listener into the first chorus with Doja Cat. The production is a breath of fresh air, soft on her vocals. She starts, “I’ve been feelin’ freaky deaky / You’re on your way to see me / Got the mirror on the ceiling / You’re in the mood to please me”.

Then, the beat drops as Tyga takes over the first, and, together, they share sexual preferences. Still, the beat is light and fresh, relaxing even. He raps, “Let me slide in it, Wayne Gretzky / Let me see it bounce like a jet ski, ayy / I know you, wishing he was like me / Late night, callin’ me for some good D, ayy”. Back and forth, they foreplay/tease each other through text as they get ready to see each other in person. But, slowly, the lyrics and the music video itself becomes a fair share of sexual fantasies and hot chemistry between the rappers. Take a peek at it yourself!


What do you think of Tyga and Doja Cat’s new single, “Freaky Deaky”? Let us know in the comments!

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