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Avril Lavigne Revives Pop-Punk on “Love Sux”

Avril Lavigne Revives Pop-Punk on "Love Sux"
via Instagram @avrillavigne: Love Sux ??? Feb 25th

Pop-Punk princess Avril Lavigne returns to her edgy roots on seventh-studio album, “Love Sux.”

Avril Lavigne Returns

Lavigne’s sixth album, “Head Above Water,” reminisced on her choir-girl past, an album of healing and recovery after her Lyme disease diagnosis. However, despite powerhouse vocals, the album lacked depth and vulnerability, and, sonically, it lacked her signature style. In the past, she said it was a struggle to write and record what she wanted (label pressures). Therefore, the result of  “Head Above Water” was BMG treating her like a “legacy artist,” allowing space for her story and recovery.

However, for “Love Sux,” her latest album release, she signs with DTA Records under producer Travis Barker. Barker, in part, is helping with the 2000s pop-punk revival through artists like WILLOW, Lil Huddy, and Machine Gun Kelly. So, it is only natural that the original pop-punk princess followed suit and returned to her roots. Regarding the process for “Love Sux,” Lavigne tells USA Today, “It was so much fun to get back into that sense of wanting to rock out. I didn’t really overthink anything. I got together with people who understood me in this genre, and we complemented each other so well.”

“Love Sux” centers around 12 high-energy tracks, banger after banger, for a total of 34 minutes.

Avril Lavigne’s “Love Sux” Standouts

Avril plugs in her amp on the intro “Cannonball” and explodes into an upbeat, angsty message of empowerment. She screams, “Like a ticking time bomb, I’m about to explode,” and holds the note into a beautiful, bright belt. She says, “Take your best shot / give me all that you’ve got / I’ll come in hot like a cannonball.” Cannonball is about not settling for subpar in any relationship, wanting better, and knowing that you deserve better.

“Bite Me,” the album’s lead single represents Avril’s tongue-in-cheek attitude best. Again, the same theme of wanting better for herself is evident through the lyrics. She sings, “Don’t hold your breath / ‘Cause you’re still choking on your words / Those things you said / Might be the last ones that I heard.” Avril isn’t running away from feeling used and uses this opportunity to speak her mind: Bite Me.

“Deja Vu” is most similar to her original pop-punk sound from her staple album, “The Best Damn Thing.” There are electric guitars, drums, and a gritty chorus as Lavigne roughs it up. She is tired of being led around in circles by this guy, over and over again. She sings, “Am I insane expecting you to change? / It’s the same thing over and over again / Déjà vu /It’s time to act your age.” 


What is your favorite song off Avril Lavigne’s new album, “Love Sux”? Let us know in the comments!

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