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Get Into It (Yuh)- Doja Cat Music Video is out!

American pop star Doja Cat returns to the screens with her new video for the song Get Into It (Yuh).

Get Into It (Yuh) music video

After the incredible success of the single, a few days ago the singer released the official video. And she, too, this time she didn’t miss an opportunity to give us everything!

Get into It (Yuh) official music video sees Doja Cat recalls the theme of her last album “Planet Her.” The song belongs to the record together with other worldwide successes as Woman, Need To Know, and Kiss Me More (featuring SZA).

In the video, the galactic ambience is once again central. The artist wears white, pink and is in a space shuttle, flying at the speed of light in the universe. The artist and her companions have to fight their enemy. Dancing around, the space team defeat the alien and his cat.

With the irony and humour that characterise Doja Cat and her production, the video results once again as an amazing project.

With her incredible voice, superb rap lines, great dance moves and presence on stage, entertaining videos and the intentions in always bringing something new to the public, the singer is one of the best and most complete artists of recent years.

The refusal of Nicky Minaj

The song, easily defined as the song of summer 2021, is a hit by pop star Doja Cat. The singer is making history with her singles, and Get Into It (Yuh) has proved to be on par with all the previous ones, if not better. But in this single the singer didn’t have to be alone. Accompanying her was the naturalized American Trinidadian rapper Nicky Minaj! The pop star, however, has revealed that she declined the offer. Why? For fear of not bringing ‘anything to it.’

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