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Ego Ella May is Fierce on “Introvert Hotline”

Rising R&B artist Ego Ella May released her latest single “Introvert Hotline,” arriving on the heels of “for the both of us.”

“Introvert Hotline” is About Introverts’ Anxiety About Taking Phone Calls

2021 was a huge year for Ego. Not only did she release her sophomore album Honey For Wounds, but she unveiled its deluxe version as well, plus a brand new 4-song EP FIELDNOTES. In case that wasn’t enough, she also released another solo single “for the both of us” in November. Now, she is back with another great song, and I feel like we can all relate to it.

“Introvert Hotline” talks about the feeling of being an introvert and not liking phone calls in general, doesn’t matter who’s calling. So, in the song, she begs for people to text her instead. “Call me anytime you want. I was lying: please don’t. Why won’t you just send a text? That’s the way to reach me best…Don’t call me. I won’t pick up the phone,” she sings.

“This is a song produced by Lvther and we wrote this song the first day we met!” Ego says. “It’s really special because it just flowed together so naturally and was really fun to make. He made this beat with the telephone ringing in the beginning and so I wrote about how much I hate when my phone rings! typical introvert.” 

She continues, “It was basically me making fun of myself, but I really do anxiety about phone calls so it was also good to get that off my chest and have people know that about me! Meeting someone new is often hard for me because I have to explain early on that I don’t really like phone calls meaning I require a different means of communication… it’s a boundary I’ve had to enforce because I really am not that great on the phone.”

Ego Ella May is Playing Headlining Shows in the UK This March

“Introvert Hotline” arrives along with the news of Ego’s upcoming headlining shows in March in Manchester and London. Rising artists BINA and Mali Hayes will join her as support acts. More information and tickets are available here. 

If you like this song, check out Ella Mai’s latest single “DFMU.”

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